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~'Sexual intimacy between two lovers is an erotic, sensual, wonderful experience to share.
~`Need to Please

    I have always been drawn to men who are strong, powerful, and like to take charge, as I am somewhat submissive, however, I do not like to be degraded, humiliated, or caused physical pain. I believe my soft, gentle; sweet-nature is what attracts men who are dominant to me, just like a tiny bee is attracted to a beautiful flower. 

    For whatever reason, I have an innate need and desire to want to please the man that I am with and his pleasure becomes mine, which very much excites me. I can't explain the rush I get from arousing a man who is completely soft to hard like steel all from my touch!

    I find it most exciting when a man is sleeping and vulnerable, to slide down under the covers, kissing him softly, gently waking him with my lips touching him, licking just the tip of his member. To taste him for the very first time and to feel him as he begins to come to life is exquisite.  As I hear him moan softly, a sigh that he has begun to awaken, I begin circling his member with my tongue.

    I tease him with my fingertips, while slowly wetting the very tip of his member, as I part my lips and kiss him softly.  I now feel his body begin to move just a little, knowing that he is aware of what I am doing. I watch as he hardens, sliding my lips over his member, then my mouth down the length of his shaft, until I reach his base. I look up at him and he knows that I am about to drive him wild!

    I can't think of anything more exciting than driving a man absolutely, completely crazy as I make love to his member with my mouth! It is not something that I will do for just any man and many have never experienced my lips, tongue, or felt my warm, wet mouth wrapped around their member. To me, it is a gift, something that I share with a man that I really care about, not just anyone who I happen to go on a date with...

    I truly enjoy pleasuring a man in this way, especially someone I care for, it is the ultimate expression of affection to kneel before "him" and please him... I find myself becoming very aroused as he becomes more and more excited, which only further drives my own excitement, causing both of us to climb higher and higher...

    I truly enjoy bringing "him" close, then still closer, holding him right at the very edge, ready to explode, but not yet, wanting, but not wanting him to climax. Just pausing for just a tiny moment, then bringing him to the edge one more time, until finally I bring him all the way home... Once there, he has a massive eruption, more powerful than he ever believed possible!!

    If you have never experienced this, it is called "Edging" and either a woman or a man can experience this kind of excitement and deprivation cycle, which will bring you the most *Explosive* and Epic Climax (s) that you have experienced in your life! Once you have had this experience, then you will never wish to go back to just an ordinary climax because it is by far "Heaven on Earth!"
    I have always loved sex and after having a regular lover, having regular sex, then none again, I find that I have grown accustomed to wanting or needing that release. Unfortunately, I am not willing to get naked with just anyone or several someone's in order to continue to enjoy regular sex.  I find that self-gratification seems to be the best solution at this time. I am multi-orgasmic, in tune with my own body, knowing what excites me, and able to climax multiple times with greater intensity each time...

    Of course I did not always enjoy such glorious orgasms, or multiple orgasms; this has evolved over time and with the experience of different lovers and personal exploration. With one particularly wonderful partner who introduced me to G-spot orgasms, plus combining an A-spot and clitoral orgasm with it, which is pure ecstasy beyond my comprehension!! Once I knew what was possible, it "raised the bar" for all future lovers and opened my mind, spirit, and body to what might be in the realm of possibilities of pleasure!!

    To share true intimacy with a special man is one of life's greatest pleasures, one that every woman should have at some point in her life.  If a man once understands what it is that a woman truly needs to open herself up to him, than he could experience everything and more that she has to offer.

    Feeling the touch of a man as his hand moves across my flesh admiring my softness, curves, and hidden secrets only meant for him is what I truly desire. Gradually parting my thighs as he kisses his way to my "sex" while sending tingling sensations throughout my body. Sighing softly as he kisses my lips for the very first time, feeling his tongue licking from my opening all the way to my sex, but never touching.

    Raising my hips towards the warmth of his mouth, anticipating where he might touch me next, hoping to feel his tongue gently part my lips. Wet with anticipation, his tongue glides up and down my slit, closer and closer to my sex, but still never quite touching... Teasing me now, he slowly slides his hands under my bottom while cupping each of my cheeks while squeezing tightly and pulling a little closer.

    Softly moaning as he does, lifting my hips a little higher, and reaching for his tongue, feeling him licking all around, but still not touching my sex. Up and down my hips are moving in perfect time with his teasing, finally he pulls my sex between his lips, sucking softly and licking with his tongue!  Mmmmm....... "Yes, right there, don't move, circles please, I need you to please me..." Circling with his tongue over and around my sex, faster and firmer, harder and faster, closer and closer, I climb, while raising and lowering my hips.

    Moaning a little louder now, lifting my hips higher off the bed, my mound pressed into his face, my sex being swirled, licked, and circled with his tongue until I suddenly grab his hair holding him tightly in place, my thighs clenched around both sides of his face, my bottom up off of the bed, my body tight, tighter, ready now, then *Exploding* and "Flooding" one *Burst* then another and still another, as I continue to climax!

    He holds me firmly, pulling me closer, as my thighs tighten around him and I continue to climax once and then twice, he continues to suck my sex, not letting go, and I start to climax again!  Exploding and flooding his face, his chest, the sheets everything all over again... Slowly relaxing his grip, my thighs easing their tension too, while he continues licking, flicking, lightly at my sex, causing me to jump uncontrollably, and making him smile immensely. Pulsing and throbbing, while still softly moaning, my sex still convulsing. Laying his head against my soft thigh, while breathing his warm breath against me...  Knowing that after all that had just happened, his turn was surely next...

    So although it is wonderful to please a man, I have also learned with experience that it is just as wonderful to be pleased... And together two people can truly share an infinite amount of pleasure if each is willing to give to one another... What I have found is that men that are older, wiser, and more experienced, seem to have a greater understanding of what it is that a woman needs wants and desires. With this knowledge, I have also discovered that it seems that older men are far more willing to be a generous lover and give as well as receive. With this in mind, older men have actually become the genius in the game because; the more that you give to a woman, the more that a man receives from a woman...

    Finally, even though I understand a man’s desire for submission, it should be preferred to have a woman who willingly desires to give of herself to a man. Because a woman who gives her full admiration and adores a man in every possible way is far better than someone who must be forced to submit. For a woman who desires above all else to adore a man, wants to kneel before him, pleasing him in every possible way is the ultimate submission... I have been such a woman for a few special men and have been told that "he" has had no greater experience than this...

    Trust above all else is crucial, if a man desires full admiration, never to ever cause a woman harm.  A man who receives such a gift should honor that woman for she is a very special, unique, rare treasure and deserves his upmost respect, honor, and dignity...

by Writer Soft Kiss

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