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by Taree
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1898892
A scribble in the middle of the night..
I was looking for one once a child.
He was once an angel.
Thrown into the wild,
And once in his life he had to struggle.

Why was he thrown,
When he couldn’t live on his own?

The whispers of the wind wouldn’t tell him why.
Even the robins didn’t sing for him anymore.
Each and every mouth told him one lie.
They said heaven never closed its door.

He thought of the days in the blaze,
As he sat by the window.
His days were eternal haze,
Lived alone under the shadow.

As I continued to walk,
I began to see the world he saw,
While recalling our idyllic talk
About love, the world and I was in awe.

My feet were cold when I found him.
On my trembling hands I felt a droplet of tears.
He said, “The world is not what it seems.”
I said, “We’ll see when the sky clears.”

He was sad,
Like a child lost his mother.
But the sky was mad,
As if the world was about to falter.

I pulled the broken angel into my arm.
Silently, I watched his wings darkened.
Yet, his weary body was warm.
Around him, my embrace tightened.

He, then, told me a tale.
About a love he dropped,
Upon a broken heart near the dale,
And a life he lived until then.

His loneliness had gone away,
All that left was the smiling him.
Made me a promise to walk down the aisle one day,
And live together until our light went dim.
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