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Thanksgiving is a holiday providing kind gifts for those who are in need.
The First Thanksgiving

When the setters reached the colonies, the small community began gathering leaves and logs for make shift shelters. Thomas was sketching the pilgrims rummaging around for shelter while a group of hunters were stalking deer and other mammals. Every one’s stomach was grumbling. At least the group kept a bit of jerky and bread, plus tasty goat’s milk. So far the setters felt encouraged and after a feast of rabbit, every one felt better. It was dark and time to go to bed.

Each of the group had a lantern and so they found their own tent. The entire group placed an item they could recognize in front their huts. Soon, the entire tired bunch of settlers' were all snoring away. It was a peaceful sound to Thomas, still keeping watch. He was also weary and wished someone could relieve him from his post.

Thomas started to dig his foot into the soil. He noticed the ground was perfect for a garden. He would have to make some tools, with help, of course. Soon, Patrick, a friend, strolled over to give Thomas some rest. Later, he dozed off for a while, but no one was awake to notice.

In the early morning, Patrick was wide awake. He gasped at the sight of more people. They rode astride loudly colored spotted horses and the red men carried lances, fathered head great plumed in eagle feathers. The just stared at the new people and began to talk in their own language. “I hope they are just being friendly,” Thomas commented.

The new folk turned and left. No one could hear them as they rode off into the brush. After maybe thirty minutes, the band of the new people returned. They brought with them some blankets made out of soft and warm wolf hide and a couple of fresh deer. The pilgrims' smiled and showed the visitors their appreciation. Thomas even had a chance to draw a picture of the Chief. He was pleased with the white man’s talent and like the grateful colonists.

As the winter blew through the camp, everyone was pleased for the red man’s gifts. Just after sunrise, the welcomed visitors returned. Their gift was a string of large bass from the river. The settlers would have been surprised if they knew they could easily been speared and snatched up with their hands.These Native Americans were friendly and helpful.

Every body huddled around the fire they hadn’t let die out. The cooked fish smelled like getting crisp on scarped spear. Haven’t learned how to speak their language, the sellers made the sign for “Good” and rubbed their bellies. The strange visitors laughed and rubbed their tummies, as well. The pilgrims were pleased that these red people were, friendly and helpful

As the winds whipped through the camp, even with the fire burning hot, the settlers were shaking and bundled up together. For a couple of days, the settlers felt they would certainly die OD hunger and/or starvation. They were totally afraid and prayed hard to get them through this bitterly cold winter.

As he looked up, the visitors were back. They carried more blankets two gutted and cleaned deer and vegetables of some sort in a bag. They set up a long table made out of a long log. The red men showed them what they said was “maize.” Which is now known as corn. They also had some squash and said a prayer before they all tried not to gobble their food. “This was the best meal I have eaten in weeks,” said Joshua.

Thomas sketched a wonderful picture and offered it to the Chief. He was pleased that someone with Thomas’ talent would offer him this picture. He recieved the picture with honor and in return, he gave Thomas the biggest, blackest bear hide anywhere around. It was special magic to the tribe. Since the Native Americans don't believe anyone really owns anything, so he didn't mind making the snug bear a gift for someone he admired.

The settlers were so happy about the gifts; it was all they could do not to run back over to the tempting food. The visitors thanked him and the rest of the gang. Both groups of men helped prepare the food and especially liked the corn and squash. They all gathered to the table and said grace. The Chief said his grace and they all sat down and ate together.

This was the first Thanks Giving.
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