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Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #1901961
Write a poem about falling off a cliff. Why up there? What pushed/made fall? What next?
Original Prompt: Write a story or poem about falling off a cliff. Why were you up there? What pushed you over, made you fall? What happens next? ["Invalid Post"  ]

Green meadow, pansy flowers,
The gayest laughter, rainbow showers,
Here’s a dream I’ve had a lot,
Can’t forget, afraid or not.

I’m sure I played, had tons of fun,
I remember my smile, remember the run;
All of a sudden, maybe I tripped,
Hanging by a thread,
From the scene 'twas ripped.

Hands desperately grasping the side of a cliff,
Right next to me, sitting, is mother, adrift;
Eyes stare off into the abyss,
If I should fall, would she be remiss?

I’m confused and quite scared,
Though oddly enough I feel prepared;
For what I’m not sure, for the dream did not end,
Once my hands let go, back to reality my mind me did send.

Subsequent nights were much the same,
It starts in great fun; we’re all playing a game.
Then all of a sudden I’m over the edge,
My mother, my brother, or a friend's on the ledge;

Never looking my way, not even a gander,
As if over the precipice I planned to meander.

Right before I give, before resolve can shatter,
I gaze at the waterfall; ignore the chatter;
Quiet my mind, prepare for the fall,
Listen to sounds of rushing water that calls.

Released my own hands? Loss of grip?
I’m not sure….
But once I made peace,
The dreams were no more.

trouble line: If should I fall, me she would not miss.
maybe: If I should fall, such tragedy amiss.
or:  Should I fall, a tragedy amiss.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1901961-Cliff-Dream