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One character has a nice surprise.
Still Unnamed

Arlette Meara’s existance could be considered the classical representation of a child who was the last one born into a family. From the day one, she seemed to flaunt the rules. That is why her mother did not know she was pregnant with Arlette until her sixth month of pregnancy. What was even more surprising was the fact that her mother had undergone surgical procedures to prevent other children since the family consisted of four children.
“I guess number five will be our lucky number,” replied Doreen as the blood test confirmed the true cause of Mrs. Vaughan’s fatigue and slight weight gain. “I did not even feel the kicking that I had with the other four.” she told the doctor.
“Maybe she wanted to be a surprise.” Dr. Amberson said with a smile on his face as he looked at the ultrasound picture to identify the baby a being a girl.
“Yes this is going to surprise my husband because he might be laid off and we need every penny for our other members of the family.” Doreen replied with a head that dropped down in disbelief.
“We will do everything we can here to help you and number five to have a pleasant three more months. “he responded as he handed her a prescription for vitamins that would be important for the next three months.
“Okay but this has got to be the last surprise we get.” were her famous words which were a prophetic look into the future. Two years later, an examination showed what could be tumors in Shayla’s uterus and she opted to have a hysterectomy. The tests revealed benign tumors to everyone’s relief.
The day that Arlette was born seemed to satisfy the rule that these babies needed a lot of attention because it seemed that Arlette had decided to come a little early. She needed to be put into an incubator. For a little while it was touch and go, but Arlette came through this problem with such a great rebound that the nurses in the preemie section nicknamed her ‘Tiny Toughie’.
On the day that the proud parents brought her home, there was a beautiful sunset that could be considered a good luck sign. The other children were at the house with their grandmother. Each child said a nice “Hello” to the sleeping Arlette and gave her a card that they made. Old Grandma Vaughan looked at her son and daughter-in-law and smiled with such a warm smile.
These were the few characteristics that made Arlette a one of a kind child. And now at seventeen years old, she felt that her destiny included a date to the most important dance of her year. It could be the most important dance of her life. And she was not going to be denied or shown up by the other girls’ dates. So with the end of the phone call to her sister, who was no help by the way, she went into the bathroom to comb her hair. She loved giving herself pep talks into the mirror as she designed what she called the perfect look. She could convince herself that the moon really was made of green cheese if she wanted to. But enough of the moon. She was going to go to the dance!
Arlette first identified variables to her equation. It was ‘a plus b equals c’ or Arlette plus a date equal a happy dance. But who would have the honor of asking her to go to the dance with them? What the real problem was, was who was left of all the boys in high school that she would say “yes” to? She might hint to a few other boys that she was available and see who took the bait, or initiative to ask her.
Arlette heard some noise downstairs that could only mean that her brother was home. He had the knack of announcing that he was at home without saying a word. Everyone knew was Zachary because he did not know how to close a door quietly. His first question was “When do we eat?”, and five minutes after he arrived, the phone started ringing off the wall because girls were always wanting to talk to him.
Arlette finished combing her hair and gave herself a kiss towards the mirror. It was so much fun having a bathroom almost all to herself since three of the five children had either an apartment of their own or a home. Her older brother, Garrett was hinting that he might pop the big question to his beautiful girlfriend, Zanna. They had been dating for two years and were going to graduate six months apart. The only thing that might spoil all of these plans is if Garrett enlisted into the military. Since he had met and talked to Farris, military options were wide open.
Arlette went downstairs to say greet her brother, when she stopped at the bottom of the stairs and saw one of the most handsome boys that ever walked the earth. In front of her, in her house, looking back at her was Barret Wayne Breit. Arlette felt that someone had taken all of the air out of her lungs. Her legs started to quiver just a little. But in true iron-woman fashion, she finished the last step and showed the big most flirtatious smile she could produce.
“Oh Zach, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that we had company.” she murmured as she took another step forward.”
“Arlie, this is Barret Breit, who will be one of my best volleyball team players.” said her brother with his gym bag in his hand. He walked over to a chair and laid it and his keys on the couch.
“He is going to transfer here next semester, but in the meanwhile, he is working out with our team.”
“Yes, your brother was so kind as to let me join the gym as a guest until my application is approved.”
Arlette glided across the floor to get a closer look at his eyes and tremendous physique. She pretended to be straighten the pillows on the couch.
“So you don’t know anyone in town?” she murmured.
“Well not really.” Barret said with a little blush. “My parents are so busy with the closing of their house, that they asked my grandmother to let me stay with her for a few weeks. She was thrilled to have family in her large empty house.” Barret caught an apple that Zach threw to him.
“Oh Arlie, tell mom that I’ll be back in an hour because we have some things Barret needs to buy. Men’s things you know.” Zach picked up his keys and walked out the door with Barret.
“Sure. Will do.” Arlette twirled around and floated onto the couch. “Right after I decide what new dress I’m going to buy for the dance.”
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