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Quickie Entry Round 39 ~ All work and no play
Lina was on her fourth business call that evening within two hours. Each call grew longer than the previous one, and Taylor began to get annoyed and hated watching her stress level increase the entire week. He knew she had a deadline tomorrow morning, but this was getting ridiculous as she paced through the house, sometimes talking to herself aloud, running scenarios and ideas constantly, to the point she began talking in her sleep. She definitely could use a distraction, and he was more than willing to provide one. He watched her from across the room, swiveling in her chair, tapping her pencil on the desk before sliding it behind her ear, then back to the desk when the tone of voice became harsh. He couldn’t stand seeing her so uptight, immersed in business and nothing else. He went to the kitchen and poured them both a glass of wine. Setting hers on the desk, she acknowledged him with a slight smile before jumping back into her phone call.

He was relieved when the call ended and she picked up the glass taking a sip. She’d hardly touched her dinner, and with the calls finally over, he could attempt to get a few quality minutes with his love. Walking over to her, he set his glass down standing behind Lina, giving her a much-needed massage in the hopes of relaxing her before bed. She leaned back in the chair, closed her eyes and let him work the tight muscles of her neck and shoulders. When she sighed, he knew he’d hit his mark and smiled, before his hand slipped down between her breasts and circled a nipple. Her eyes popped open looking up at him with that shy smile he loved so much.

“You need a break,” Taylor said. He rolled her nipple between his thumb and finger, glided his other hand to the neglected breast, giving it a squeeze just as her phone chimed.

“I’m sorry,” she said snatching her cell from the desk and pulling away from him.

He stood there momentarily, listening while her voice took on that harsh tone again, and then decided there was only one thing to do. Taylor grabbed the back of the chair and turned it around to face him, pushing it against the desk, making sure Lina couldn’t get away from him. She stared at him, her eyes growing wide as he knelt before her, knowing exactly where this was headed for it wasn’t the first he’d had to intercede on her behalf. One by one, he removed her heels, tossing them aside, before sliding his hands up her legs, under her skirt to the top of her thighs to remove the black stockings. She covered his hand trying to stop him, but the intensity of the conversation picked up, and he was determination to get her a break.

He gently massaged her legs, thumbs heading right to the apex of her thighs, his target dead ahead. Lina’s voice changed the instant he stroked her from nub to hole without removing her panties. She thrust her legs apart granting him full access and he knew he’d had her cooperation. Up and down her slit his thumb teased until Taylor heard her breath catch and she stopped talking mid-sentence. He peppered her thighs with light kisses, his tongue dancing across her silky skin moving higher towards her nectar, needing a taste of her sweetness. Taylor yanked her panties off in one smooth move before raising one legs over the arm of the chair as she slid forward, her mound just inches from his face. He looked up at her face, her eyes begging him to finish, as her hand moved to his head and pulled him closer to what they both wanted.

Taylor spread her lips apart, inhaling that musky scent of her arousal while his tongue circled her nub quickly, once, twice, three times.

Sucking her clitoris into his mouth caused her to moan when it hardened. He flicked his tongue down her folds to her opening, licking the juices that had already escaped before moving his tongue back to her awaiting nub. He slipped one finger inside her, plunging deep a couple of times before adding a second and then a third. She stayed with the phone call, but her voice had turned husky and sultry, music to his ears while he continued his ministrations. Lina raised her hips up to meet his every thrust and he quickened the pace, replacing his tongue with his thumb so he could watch her reach the pinnacle.

“I have to go, I’ll call you back,” she said, tossing the phone aside. “I want you inside me NOW.”

“Not this time.”

She moaned, grasping the edge of the chair, when he pulled his fingers completely out of her core, before driving into her harder, faster, taking her right to the edge. Her cries of release filled the room, her body tightening around his hand, shuddering, yet screaming for more. Taylor continued stroking Lina until her body became limp, slowing his pace now, watching as her head lifted and her eyes opened. Her phone rang again, but this time she didn’t answer.

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