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Accidents can happen to anyone.
Nov 13
Haley could not control her anxiety about the situation of the car wreck reported on the radio version of the news. She knew that many variables of the situation were definitely beyond her control. She decided to turn on the television while she waited for any news. Her favorite station was KCLR, because she went to college with the head broadcaster, Terry Tesler or ‘TT’ as he was known to those in his graduation class. She even went out with him for a few weeks, but because their majors demanded so much time in studies, they separated on the best of terms. If anyone asked her, he reported news as it was, no embellishments to glamorize the news. His long list of awards also showed that many other professionals agreed with her.
The buzzer went off that signaled to her that her washing machine had completed its cycle. She ran quickly out to her garage to put some of her wash in the dryer and keep others out to be put on a rack to air dry. GC ran after her with a little toy in his mouth.
“Goodness GC. I forgot that I needed to make an appointment for you next week for your update on your immunizations.” GC seemed to understand and ran under a table as if he could do without the poking and prodding of a veterinarian.
“GC, you always seem to know what I am thinking. But I must keep you healthy.” She leaned down and gave GC a nice scratch under his chin. She saw the note and key for Edna house that had fallen off the kitchen counter and been carried into the living room by you know who.
She was about to put the note and key in the kitchen when the bulletin about the car wreck came on.
“Here is the update on the serious three car crash on Green Bridge.” The screen switched from the reporter in the studio to the helicopter’s video. The voice of the lady reporter continued. “KCLR’s helicopter arrived in time to record the occupants as they were being prepared for transport to a hospital.” The scene zoomed in close to the driver of the delivery truck. The camera moved from the next car slowly and then showed the people running away from the cars except for the policemen who were rescuing a driver from the third car.
“We are not able to obtain information on the condi- oh goodness, there has been an explosion!” The picture went from clear and close up to shaky and moving away as the pilot steered the helicopter away from the blast and its ball of fire.
“We see that this development is very dangerous. Terry Tesler is on his way to gather more information about this accident and explosions. He hopes to interview people if they are able to talk. Please stay tuned to this station for any updates.” The screen flashed back to the studio. “This is KCLR. I am Emma Zhu reporting.”
Haley froze in place as she viewed the whole scene. Her mind reeled. Visions of victims with possible life threatening injuries, who came into the ER began to float in her mind. She knew that anyone who was near that accident site could have concussions, broken bones or internal injuries. She immediately decided to go to the hospital that was in the area of the accident to offer Farris and his family any help, moral support or advice as a consultant. She turned off the television, made sure that the front door was locked, and got ready to go.
The people at the accident were in even greater shock after the explosion. Several people had fallen down due to the power of the explosion. They were slow in getting up. Mr. and Mrs. Costo both had some blood on them. Mrs. Costo was the first attended to and was sitting on a second ambulance’s stretcher and holding her neck.
“Is my husband alright?” she feebly asked the medic.
“He seems to have fewer injuries, but I would advise that you both go to a hospital for a check-up.” the tall slim black medic said as he put her purse in her arms. She looked over to the area where her husband and a policeman were talking. She waved to her husband and he waved back.
“We just had our car checked out last week.” She pulled her purse close to her body. “I don’t know why the air bag didn’t open up.”
Marcello, her husband and the policeman walked slowly to the ambulance. Iris Pelicia Costa tried to stifle a small groan due to some injuries she had. It was evident that the blood was due to some flying debris.
“Well mam, I am not a mechanic, but those things happen.” The medic looked at her with sympathetic eyes. “You are here today because you had your seat belt on. Most people have much more serious problems if they neglect that important part of travel safety.” The medic and the driver lowered the reclining back of the stretcher and pushed the safety latch to the telescopic leg. They carefully put the stretcher into the ambulance. Her husband mentioned that he would take care of the paper work to get the car towed to a repair shop. He would join her after he and the police took some pictures for insurance purposes.
The ambulance with Mrs. Costo drove away. Mr. Costo pointed towards the third car, whose driver had to be rescued. He coughed a little and took out a handkerchief to cover his mouth.
“What about the young man who rear-ended us?”
“Well that young man is very lucky to be barely alive.” The policeman walked over to the right side of the car and picked up a cell phone. The text read, “Guess what!”
They looked at each other and shook their heads.
“Driving and texting at the same time.” The policeman turned his head to look at the young man’s stretcher being lifted onto the third ambulance. “We can’t get people to understand how dangerous it is.” He put the cell phone in a plastic bag. “This may be the last message he will ever send because, he may be paralyzed from the neck down.” He paused. “I have a son the same age. I have told him a hundred times, but he thinks bad luck happens to other people, not him.” He walked to the medic to get some final details before that ambulance left.
This time the ambulance turned on its lights and sirens, sounds that would be heard many times in the city before the end of the day.
It was about an hour before that scene of the accident was cleared and traffic continued. Mr. Costo left in the tow truck. He began to wonder where his son, Farris was. But it didn’t matter because a small pain began in the center of his chest.

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