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Winner! November 2012 - Say "thank you" to the One Who gave us time.
Not sure what to say,
can't fathom what to write;
I'm thinking, I'm trying but it all seems trite.

You have given so much,
I have returned so little;
I could give it all back,
and it would be but a pittle.

Minutiae I offer,
for Your delight;
My thanks, my praise,
all of my might;

Thanks for my car, my apartment, my future dog, and more;
Thank You, thank You, thank You, for all that's in store.

Thanks for the trials,
the tribulations, the upset;
thanks for the opportunities to get my feet wet.

Thank You for my future,
in which I have Faith;
Thank You for my past,
in which I was chaffed.

Most of all thanks for the present,
this gift You've bestowed,
on this a poor sinner,
many times I've been told.
Without being here now,
I couldn't sit at this table,
to write out my Thanks to You -- The Most Able.

Lines: 27

Submitted to "The Lighthouse Poetry Contests
Prompt for November: There are 184,000 sec/day, use one to say "thank you" to the One Who gave them to you.
Won 3rd Place! "Contest #22 Winners"  
Image credit to My Wings Are Made Of Faith blog   Awww, how appropriate! *Bigsmile*
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