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A friendship is changed by teen pregnancy and marriage.
Looking Through Windows

To My Friend:
I do not know what I must say to you
only that I must say it.
I see you living in the dark, terrible, prison world you created;
I see you reaching for the bright, distant, dream world
you thought you found;
I see you hurting in the harsh reality life handed you;
and I wonder if it doesn’t suit you somehow.

I see the passion of hatred in your eyes
when you speak of how he ruined your life.
I want to shake you,
and tell you that you did it to yourself;
that life could never be what you expected;
that all this is not just a dream
and you have to deal with it.

But I cannot.
I can only sit on the other end of the phone,
while you tell me about all the second chances
you hand out,
and how you know what you are doing.

I listen to the false confidence
behind your voice.
And I grieve because I know
that for all your confidence,
for all your determination,
for all your hatred,
you will never leave that world.

I remember how we used to talk
of our dreams,
And of the things we would do

Now I only speak to you
on the phone perhaps once a week.
And I see you even less.
And I am afraid our worlds
Are drifting apart.

I don’t know how to fix it
because you cannot come back
to my world;
the world you left behind.
And I am too afraid to join yours
for another few years yet.
We are at an impasse,
and cannot let each other in.

And we only look through windows at each other,
And smile and say,
I am going to be fine,
and so are you
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