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The story of a boy who decides to challenge life.
                                                                CHAPTER 3-The same old story

For the last one hour Eric had enjoyed blasting cars , shooting criminals in the game. It was time for some work ,after all  Eric could not go and get insulted in school again. With a pure white sheet and a blue gel pen he began his work.


Seventh Standard

Eric Smith'

Eric stopped as he wrote his name on the assignment , he started chewing his pen as he tried to remember the topic on which he had to write on , but unfortunately the little soul had slept for half the period and for the next few minutes he had been kicked out of class , all he remembered was the dream that he saw ..... the missions he had played in his sleep . He was helpless , writing his dream would mean his parents being called to school . And that was his worse nightmare , his parents had never been called to school for his complains and Eric wanted to maintain this achievement .

He could not call his friends as he didn't have any in Hillturn Hamerton , the only option he had was to protest , beg or act for not going to school. This time Eric decided to tell his parents the whole story and get some help , and so he waited......

The clock struck 8 , and as expected Eric heard a knock on the door. Eric ran to the door and twisted the knob as the door opened. A well dressed lady , with a bag in her hand came inside and kept the bag on the dining table.

"I brought pizza for you Eric" she said turning to him.

It appeared like all his concerns and problems had disappeared......

"Mom your'e the best!"he hugged her tight as she smiled. Eric ran to the bag and opened it uncovering a box of his favorite tomato cheese pizza.

"Eric" said the lady .

"Yes mom" Eric turned to her.

"I and Dad are going at uncle Jerry's party, we'll be back by 11 , you better be sleeping by then"

"But?" Eric started ,"No butts!" the lady interrupted as she disappeared into a room.

How could he convince her for staying at home , it would be of no use trying to do that because it was the same old thing he had tried doing a hundred time and had failed every single single time , He didn't want to repeat the same old story.

He returned to his favorite hobby  , writing poetry after he bid his parents good bye . Writing poetry was the thing he liked to to do when he was alone and he was too good at it , he was recognized as the 'POET' in his old school , however in Hilturn hamerton no one even tried listening to him.
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