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Light/darkness, balance of both, spiritual death and rebirth.
Here we sit upon the mount, gazing down into our darkest dreams.

Considering the future, stricken by the hammers fall in our past!

Struggling to make sense of all we’ve seen, frozen with our fears.

Living outside of the box, within the molds in which we’ve been cast!

Moving at the speed of sound, leaving nothing that ever seems to last!

High above the clouds we sit memories but a bit of flotsam floating.

Fixing our eyes, on the prize. Ducking and dodging the hidden trap doors.

Vying for a taste of freedom! Racing along at breakneck velocity. Blind!

It seems that we take what we can get, even driven down upon all fours!

Haunted by shadows, battling our demons! Bathing in blood and gore!

Dragging the waters, dredging up bodies, following clues of discovery.

Craving the truth, searching for more, leading from path to path to path!

Nineteen silver daggers, ninety-nine flaming swords! The sun blazes overhead!

Symbolic visions of growth, add, subtract, multiply and divide! Do the math!

Figures of conjecturing knowledge. Blue hazes of wraith and wretched wrath!

Deeper into the chasm, spelunking, grubbing for a relic or two.

Hoping to come within reach of reason! Striving for the highest of intellect!

Seizing the nightmare, throttling it with its’ own deceit! Destroying fear!

Rising above the terror, gouging the eyes of horror! That which infects!

Surviving that which will make you stronger, conquering that which you reject!

Beyond the reaches of acknowledgement, hearing above normal range.

Far past the region of doubt, we see the fact of the matter quite clear!

Managing to keep sanity on top, grinding away at the damaging gears!

Grasping the images of righteousness, holding to all that we deem dear!

Fighting the good fight of love, so far and yet forever coming near!

High atop the battlement, holding the darkness at bay! Forging enlightenment!

Dragging down the enemy, taking no prisoners! Blazing sword of justice afire!

Atonement for past transgressions, flailing at the wall! Nervous energy flies!

Viscous blows rained down upon your foes! A temperance to transpire!

Mangled armies of oppression! Triumphant glories of the grandest desire!

Beneath the nether regions of hell, lie the darkest truths of life on earth.

Yet we soar above and over these, gripping the final knowledge of release!

Delving deeper into the gray matter of the mind. Mining golden dreams.

Becoming the nature of the beast, yet retaining the love that you please!

Journeying to the inner veil of knowledge and digging below the sleaze!

Great deeds may be accomplished by those thought of as weak.

Defending what we have inside is attained by bravery and honor!

Defeating evil at its purest is done with the white at your side!

Being the knight in shining armor with weapons of greatest valor!

Favoring what will undoubtedly be your finest hour! 

Surmounted on the castle wall, surveying the vast landscape.

Darkness banished for the time being, yet it is always on the prowl!

Hunting and haunting the darkest nether regions of our lives!

Keep the fortress strong, protect against aggression so foul!

Keep the faith and listen for the great warriors howl!

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