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Does love in real life exists or is it just a part of fairy tales
I have heard a lot about love in movies. I am talking about the love between couples. I have heard that people experience this love at least once in their life or not at all. Actually if it is really love then it happens only once in a lifetime. I believe that because every individual in this world has only one soul mate. We can only fall in love with our soul mate. If someone thinks that they have loved more than one person in their life, then its not love, it is infatuation, crush, attraction or mere liking.
What is love? I have tried to search about it. I read so many articles regarding love, but I have never been able to understand it completely. I know that every individual loves the other person in their own way. But, love is something that can never be learned, it can only be felt. We can not force anyone to love someone nor can we force them to love someone the way we want.
Sometimes, I feel that it is only an idea and that we can never actually satisfy both our souls and body with love. Why is it so? Is it the obstacles of time and space in this world that render love impossible? Or is it the tangible things in this world that make love only a figment of imagination.
People say that real love does not exist. They say that love can only be found in fairy tales. Is it true? I have heard so many people say ‘I love you’ to their spouses. Do they really mean it when they say those most precious words in the world? I believe that real love exists but people on both sides think that their love may not be returned, so they do not let themselves be strong enough to be able to fulfill all the requirements of love. So, they are content with a loveless life.
I have known couples who live together but they don’t really love each other. Ironically, the people who love one another, they cannot live together. There is always some reason that keeps them apart. Let alone living with each other, it is in some cases impossible for them to even be able to speak to each other or contact each other in some way like writing a letter to the other person. So, there is a supernatural way for them to communicate with each other like telepathy. But I am not sure if it works in every case.
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