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Is there going to be a funeral in Farris' future?This is not the end. I'll try to do more.
Nov. 29
The tow truck driver, who was carrying Mr. Costo had planned to get his rider to the same hospital that Mrs. Costo was in. He saw a long line of cars that were slowly proceeding through a blinking red light situation. The city’s repair crew was inspecting the light management box.
“Darn city lights!” he mumbled angrily.
“Get out of my way!” he shouted as he honked his horn. Many of the drivers in the cars that surrounded him turned and a few of them glared at him.
He moved so slowly that he was thinking of going over the curve, but he considered that the move might do more damage to the car he was towing. He prayed under his breath and looked around to see if there was any policeman who could move the cars. But his eyes lighted on a small emergency clinic.
“Oh thank you Big Man.” His eyes looked up to the heavens. “I owe you one!” He saw that the cars had moved enough that he could get into the parking lot in less than a minute. He drove up to the doors and honked a couple of times again.
A short, Asian nurse walked out to the truck. “Hey mister, what is your problem?”
“Yea, I think this guy might have had a heart attack.” He pointed to Mr. Costo, who had not moved since he slumped over. His color looked fairly pale.
“He looks really bad. I don’t think that we handle big, serious emergencies.”she said as she looked at Mr. Costo.
“Hey dummy, your sign says ‘E-MER-GEN-CY CLI -N IC!’” He pointed to the sign. “And this is a definitely emergency!” He pointed to Mr. Costo.
“Ms. Ito, what is the problem?”
Another in a white lab coat walked out and looked at the driver and then inside the tow truck’s cab The name on his ID card read Dr. Matthew Nix.
Ms. Ito opened her mouth to answer when the man opened the door. “This is Mr. Costo. His company gave several scholarships to students.” He started helping Mr. Costo out of the truck. “And the scholarship I got paid for all of my tuition. Get our door open fast!”
The nurse ran to the door and yelled “Emergency coming in!” The tow truck man helped the doctor to bring Mr. Costo into the clinic and directly to a special room.
Dr. Nix started shouting orders to the other nurses in the clinic. As they were putting a blood pressure sleeve around his arm, another doctor walked in.
“What do you have Matt?”
“The man here is the one reason I was able to be a doctor. He’s the Mr. Costo I told you about.” Dr. Nix opened Mr. Costo’s shirt and put his stethoscope to Mr. Costo’s shirt. He moved it around.
The second doctor, Aaron Dickerson, walked over to the tow truck driver to ask him to step outside.
“What happened?” asked Dr. Dickerson.
The driver explained what happened from the time he arrived at the accident to the time he arrived at the clinic.
“You say that you think he took a pill?”
“Yea.” The driver started scratching his head and then put his hands in his pockets.
“What kind?” the doctor started writing on a form that one of the nurses gave him.
“I…I…don’t know, but he says that his wife is always reminding him to do it.”
“We’ll need to talk to the wife.” The doctor poised the pen to take down the number.
The driver explained that the wife was injured also and was taken first to another hospital.
“Well I’ll get a nurse to look in his wallet to see if he has a medical alert .” The doctor turned to check on Mr. Costo and give additional orders for contacting family members.
The truck driver knew that Mr. Costo was in good hands and that he had a car to deliver before he could go on another job. He walked over to the counter and asked the nurse if he could leave. After a few minutes Nurse Ito came out to tell him that Mr. Costo was still alive but in very critical condition. She thanked him for his fast action and would tell the family why he came to this clinic first. The last thing that the tow truck driver heard was the sound of the ambulance siren coming from the feeder road of the freeway.
Dr. Nix heard faint beats from Mr. Costo’s chest. He ordered some blood tests and told the nurse to stay with the very special patient. He recorded his findings. The nurse looked through Mr.Costo’s coat and found his wallet.
“I see that Mr. Costo is on a heart medicine.” She found the card that gave information that was the medicine’s name. She handed the card to the doctor and then took the blood in the test tubes out to their lab.
Outside an ambulance’s siren could be heard. Outside the room, there were male and female voices. An ambulance attendant opened the door slightly and poked his head through the door.
“Doc?” He waited until the doctor motioned him to come in.
Dr. Nix gave the attendant information. He requested that Mr. Costo not be moved for a couple of minutes. The attendant went out to discuss the situation with the second attendant and the driver.
Mr. Costo seemed to be trying to open his eyes. His eyelids started fluttering and then stopped. Soon, his chest started rising and lowering slowly until it stopped.

NaNoWriMo is over tomorrow. I not been as fruitful as I hoped to be so I will continue this story and try to do at least thirty days worth of work. I hate to stop in the middle of something that has some interesting potential. Thanks for reading this novel without a name as of today.
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