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by ruwth
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Here is where I display some of my treasures.

As a member of a Christian singles website, I wrote this Psalm. For me, it is the final product but I still would love to hear what you think of it. I love it which is why it is here. *Smile*

"My Psalm E: Someone once suggested: Write a psalm of your own.


I don't plan to update this story:

"Meeting Simon . . . E: An encounter with a fictional character written for the Writer's Cramp.

I received a phone call the morning I wrote this, telling me I was penniless. Unable to work, with no income; the news was devastating. I wrote this story to take my mind off my problems. Little did I know then how devasted I could feel.

Daddy died that day.

This story became a source of comfort to me.

I thank GOD for this story.


"It's Over! ASR: A 55-Word Story about domestic violence from one familiar with that dance.


"An Introduction . . . E: An introduction by a pair of reading glasses. A contest entry for "What A Character!".


"It's not a formula, it's a relationship. E: A relationship with GOD is the only formula that can be counted on to work.


"Dear... E: My entry for the 2013 Dear Me contest


"Open Door To Grace ♥ E: Christians who will pray with YOU!

I like what I have written on this group page.


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