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How would you describe the color of your life and do you know your place in the rainbow?
A visual interpretation of my Silver life

The Life of Silver

The world is full of colors and yet my shade is unique.
I am often called silver, but the name sticks to my tongue.
It doesn’t have the right flavor
and cannot compliment my palette.
For there is so much more to me than silver.

I am the shine in the ink;
the gloss in the paint;
I am the glare in your eyes.
I am the gift that is prized and adored,
and the song of the dancing chimes.

I am the crest of a wave
on a moonlit night;
The sparkle on the snow.
I am the first drops of rain
On your window pane
And the tear in your baby’s eye.

But mine is a lonely existence. Most do not notice me.

I am an extension of the colors of summer.
I fall like rain and settle softly around their proud bold tones.
I wrap my silver strands around them
and frost their colors
making them sparkle and dance brighter in the light.

I help them add new dimensions and layers to what they already show so proudly.
But as they gain their sheen, I slowly melt away,
and watch them shine on their own.
I remain unseen, and unnoticed, watching from a distance,
and hoping they will find their unique shade.

I have been on the waves,
and in the rain,
and on the snow,
and in the clouds.
And their colors will shine brighter because of it.

*Quill*Published at www.shadowexpress.com in Sept 2013

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