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Megan and Jennifer love being in France but their gypsy friends make them nervous.
Megan's jaw was better. It was almost healed. She got up and decided to wear her purple dress. She came out of her room and Jennifer had just got up as well. Jennifer was wearing a navy blue dress.

"Good Morning. Your jaw looks better."

"It feels better. Speaking of which, I need to get the moonstone to Zalita."

"It would be a good idea. It is a good thing one of my puppies found it and put it in your baggage."

"Smart dog. I dreamed that Kristie was my little girl and I was married to Manolito."

"Quiet. If Miles hears you, he would be so hurt."

"I know. I love Miles and I don't know why I dreamed of Manolito. Kristie made an impression on me. She is adorable."

"Yes, she is."

Megan and Jennifer walked down to breakfast. What they didn't know was that Rachael had been eavedropping on their conversation. Rachael smiled. Maybe she could get Miles away from Megan after all.

Miles pulled out a chair for Megan at the Dining Room table and she sat down.

"Your jaw looks better."

"It feels better."

Caroline Kentsworth entered the room and Miles and Bradley stood up.

"Sit down, I am not the Queen but I love the attention. Rachael won't be joining us today when we go shopping. She says that she doesn't feel well."

Megan and Jennifer were glad. Megan wouldn't have been if she known that Rachael couldn't wait to talk to Miles about what she had heard.

Megan and Jennifer ate breakfast and Caroline said they wouldn't leave for an hour, yet. Megan walked into the den with Miles.

"I have to go see Zalita to give her the broken moonstone. If I don't, I am afraid that I could end up back in the present."

"By all means, take it to her." Miles kissed Megan. Megan knew her dream didn't mean anything. She dearly loved Miles.

"Are you going with Megan to see Zalita?" asked Bradley.

"Yes. We are going to take the moonstone back."

"Just be careful of those gypsies and Drakelin. You don't know how much I wish they would disappear into thin air."

"I know. It will be alright. Megan and I are just taking the moonstone back. We will be shopping with your mother today."

Bradley kissed Jennifer.

"Hey! I don't mean to interrupt but I am going down to walk down to Zalita's." Megan already had the moonstone in her dress pocket.

"Be careful." warned Miles.

"I always am, Darling." Megan smiled.

Miles wanted to go with her but he had to trust Megan. He knew that she loved him.

Megan and Jennifer walked down to Zalita's. They almost hoped the gypsy men weren't home. Manolito and Calin were special to them no matter how hard they tried to deny it. They loved their husbands to be but the gypsy men were like crushes.

Megan and Jennifer got to Zalita's house. Zalita opened the door before they had a chance to knock. She hugged them.

"Good Morning, my Angels. I heard you met Kristie."

"She is a lovely girl." Megan smiled.

"Come in. Sit down. I am so glad that you stopped by."

"I have the moonstone." Megan pulled it out and gave it to Zalita.

"Yes. Now, I can repair it." Zalita took the flashing moonstone and left.

Kristie came into the room. "Hi Megan and Jennifer." She ran over to hug them and they hugged her back.

"I dreamed about you last night. Megan, you were my new Mommy."

"Sweetie, you still have your Mommy. I am sure that she loves you very much."

"I love her, too but having you for a Mommy would be more fun."

Zalita came back with the moonstone. "It is fixed. You can't go back to the present unless you contact us. It won't break again no matter what you do to it."

"Thanks, Zalita."

Just then Manolito and Calin came downstairs. Manolito went over to Megan and lifted her off the couch and kissed her and Calin did the same to Jennifer.

"Stop it, you animals! Put them down." Zalita hit Manolito and Calin. They put Megan and Jennifer down.

"Mother, they are our future gypsy Princesses!"

"They are engaged to other men." Zalita reminded them.

"We are in their dreams. I know all of Megan's dreams."

"I know Jennifer's dreams. She makes love with me in her dreams." Calin winked.

"You are full of crap!" Jennifer was blushing.

"Megan dreamed about me and Daddy last night." Kristie smiled.

"I missed that dream. My Princess." Manolito bowed and kissed Megan's hand.

Kyle Drakelin came downstairs. "Good Morning. I see we have company. The future Mrs. Dawson and the future Mrs. Kentsworth. Are they ready for another boxing match?"

"Enough! Megan and Jennifer are my guests and you have embarrassed them. They are engaged to gentlemen and Manolito and Calin, I am tired of you pawing them everytime you see them. Have some respect!"

Megan stood up. "Thanks, Zalita. We will be going now." She hugged Zalita and Jennifer did the same.

"Do come back. Enjoy your day." Zalita smiled.

"What? No good bye kiss?" Calin's smile could match the devil's.

"In your dreams!" Jennifer was all hot and bothered.

"Oh, yes, I will be in your dreams, my lovely Jennifer." Calin bowed.

"I will be in yours." Manolito stroked Megan's cheek.

Megan and Jennifer almost ran out the door and couldn't wait to get back to the Kentsworth Estate.

Once they were in the street, they walked slowly.

"Did you dream about Manolito and Kristie last night?"

"Yes, I did. I hate that he knows that. Do you dream of Calin?"

"Yes. How do they know? Is it the power of the moonstone?"

"I don't know. Why do they get to us?"

"Because as much as we love our future husbands, they are like crushes. If only they would have stayed in England."

Megan and Jennifer walked back to the Kentsworth's. They got into the door and Miles smiled.

"Did you get the moonstone repaired?"

"Yes. I won't end up in the present by accident."

"That's good."

"Did you encounter those gypsies?" Bradley asked.

"Yes. Zalita makes them behave." Jennifer smiled a nervous smile.

"Gypsies behave? Too bad they do beheadings in France anymore." Bradley lit up a cigarette.

"Bradley! Be nice!" Caroline came downstairs.

"Mother." Bradley seemed embarrassed.

"Ladies. We are ready to go shopping." Caroline was definitely a lady in every sense of the word.

Miles kissed Megan and Bradley kissed Jenifer's cheek. Caroline, Megan and Jennofer left to go shopping. They got in the carriage. It was a fancy carriage. Megan and Jennifer thought everything in France seemed fancy. England was the poor country.

"How do you like France?" Caroline asked.

"It's beautiful." Jennifer said.

"We want Bradley to live here. We could sell the tobacco plantation but Bradley won't hear of it. Mr. Kentsworth want to start a winery business."

Jennifer liked that thought. She could smoke and drink wine all day. She laughed to herself.

The ladies went to a lot of fancy dress shops. Megan found a light blue dress with a low cut neck with pearls sewn in. She and Jennifer found all type of pretty dresses in every color of the rainbow.

Next they went to the Wedding Dress Shop. Megan and Jennifer were nervous but excited.

Miles was in the study reading and Rachael approached him.

"Miles, I need to talk to you."

"Rachael, you are like a sister to me. I don't want a scene like the last time."

"Megan dreams of Manolito and she has a moonstone. She dreamed she was married to Manolito and Kristie was her daughter. I heard her talking to Jennifer. Is she a gypsy or a witch? Maybe she put a spell on you to make her love you."

"The moonstone was a gift from the gypsy woman. As for dreaming of Manolito, she probably has nightmares of him."

"Maybe Kristie is hers and Manolito's daughter." Rachael tossed her blonde hair back and smiled an evil smile.

"Rachael, don't ever talk about Megan again. We have nothing to say to each other. I love Megan and I am going to marry her."

Rachael left but she knew that Miles was upset. At least he would have second thoughts about Megan. Being engaged to Miles, why would any woman dream about another? She had planted a seed of doubt in his mind about his precious Megan. Rachael's work was done. Miles would turn to her. Just a matter of time.

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