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This is a children's verse story that is suitable for all ages.
                                                                                Charlies Famous Feud

I’m a dog named Charlie with a story to tell. It’s about my famous feud with a cat named Belle.  I was peacefully napping one warm summer’s day.  I was dreaming of my boy and the games we play.  My gold and copper coat was soaking up the sun.  My boy and I were having lots of fun. 

My dreams were rudely shattered by slaps on my face.  Belle was the one smacking me.  I had to give chase. I don’t like to battle but Belle had crossed the line.  She began the war.  The victory would be mine.

I jumped up to grab Belle, but she had a head start.  She headed for safety more swiftly than a dart.  I tried my best to grab a tuft of her gray fur.  I must admit I could not catch that smoky blur. 

Belle raced like a chipmunk up my knobby oak tree.  She hissed like a common snake then laughed at me.  I was really angry.  Belle was not fighting fair.  She needed discipline but I could only glare.

I had a sudden thought that made me slyly grin.  I would have to trick Belle in order to win.  Belle needed to think that she had won the fight.  I could then punish her, which was only right. 

I found another sunny spot and pretended to doze.  I didn’t trust that teasing cat.  She and I were foes. 

Soon I saw movement from the corner of my eye. Slowly Belle crept down from her refuge way up high.  She was closely watching to see what I would do.  I pretended I was napping while my excitement grew.

Belle’s tail slowly twitched as she tiptoed close to me.  I remained silent and as still as still can be.  I knew my plan had worked when she turned her back. She was not being careful.  I could now attack. In one fluid motion I jumped to my feet.  Belle heard the movement and would not accept

Like a speeding rocket Belle blasted out of reach.  I was right behind her with a lesson to teach.  There was no tree that Belle could quickly climb.  She would now pay for her taunting crime.

We raced down the sidewalk.  No shelter was in sight.  A lady standing in our way got an awful fright.  Two young boys with bright red hair yelled for
me to run.  They were taking my side! This chase was kind of fun.

Suddenly the door to Joe’s Market opened up wide.  It took just a second for us to dash inside. People were screaming and making quite a fuss.  It was quite clear that they were yelling at us.

There was a bin of apples right in front of Belle.  She jumped up to the top, which made the owner yell.  I bounded up behind her like a kangaroo.  Apples were flung everywhere.  We slid down too.

The next things to crash were jars of salad dressing.  We needed outside.  Everyone was stressing.  Around and around we zoomed, through the grocery store. We were slipping and sliding all over the floor. I was getting exhausted.  This chase had to end. But I had work to do, my honor to defend. 

Happily the door opened and out we flew. Belle was a rocket but I was glue. I knew Belle was searching for a new safe retreat.  I also knew she’d find one right down the street.  She was heading for the Blake’s big maple tree.  If she could scale it fast enough, she would go free. 

I was close behind her, but never close enough.  Catching that slippery cat was proving mighty tough.  I was sadly thinking that life was very cruel.  But we had both forgotten about the new pool. 

The Blake’s had installed it just two days ago.  It was right in the path of where Belle planned to go.  Belle tried her best to stop but went splashing in. She was completely soaked clear down to her skin. 

I happily plunged in right behind Belle. Swimming was a summer sport I could do quite well. I enjoyed the sudden dip, as I had been hot.  But Belle was not happy. She hated wet a lot. 

Belle spat and hissed and yowled while trying to get out.  I enjoyed watching her while swimming like a trout.  It was finally my turn to laugh at Belle’s defeat.  After what I’d been through, her struggle was a treat.

Soon I reached over and grabbed Belle by her scruff.  She had been punished and enough was enough. Belle was not anxious to stay on the ground.  She fled up the maple tree, not making a sound. 

I turned my back on her, and gave a happy sigh.  It would be a long time before she was dry.  As I trotted home I was prancing on air.  Thanks to my clear victory life for once was fair.

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