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She never thought working on a farm would take her to war. Suggestion and reviews welcome.
From a simple farm dragon to a dragon of war.
Working on layout.
Ideas welcomed feel free to review and message me with them.

My name is Adalina Shesha. I am what some might say a hero of the Craferan war all the death and terror.
I am a dark green dragon with blue spikes. My belly and legs are sky blue with tan talons.
I did not start out this way years ago I was a sleek young dragon working on a farm.

    My story starts over 50 human years ago when I was working for a farmer out in the hills of Sharan. I had been raised to guard the farmers cattle from a local mountain dragon call Ivantor. Ivan had a habit of killing just for the fun of killing which was why I had been purchased as an egg and raised by farmer Stan. Wen I first hatched farmer Stan was not sure on what to do with a hungry dragon hatchling, but with his wife's help farmer Stan figured out how to care for me and teach me what I need to know as not to hurt the farm and its animals. It was not long before I was being taken up to the hills where the farmer's cattle was, that was where I met Ivantor.
    Oh! How can I forget the first time Ivantor came to hunt my farmer's cattle. I was just big enough to be able to be out with the cattle on my own. Ivantor came swooping down going after one of the cattle. I did not know what to do but some how managed to get between Ivantor and the cattle just as he went to pluck one of the cattle up. Ivantor roared with frustration when his attack missed the cow and slid off my side. I felt my scales being ripped away as he tore at me in frustration. I roared in pain and slashed out at Ivantor he managed to get a hold of one of my wings and was pulling it out with his mouth and starting to rip out feathers from my wings. The pain was terrible and it was all I could do to try to dig my talons in to his legs. He shifted to one side as if I was not there and ripped out more feathers. Now I was growling doing my best to hold up to the pain but it was not working instead I crumpled to the ground the pain was so great for Ivantor was now beginning to chew at my wing bones.
    I am still not sure how I did it, but I managed to get my front talons between his back toes and tear into Ivantor's flesh.
    Ivantor jumped away from me in surprise and howling in pain. I was not sure what was going on but I did my best to look as big as I could. My only problem was in dragon age I was but a toddler and now that Ivantor had pulled back to where he could see what had hurt him. He started to roar out in anger at me then started laughing at the torn up young dragon that was flared out before him. I managed to get back on my feet and gave out a warning hiss at him.
    Ivantor shook his head and then said, "I know not where you came from but you got spunk hatchling."
    I growled, "Why are you going after the cow?"
    Ivantor laughed, "Why am I hunting? I am hungry that is why."
    I so wanted to tuck my hurt wing up against me but this dragon, Ivantor looked like he still might go after the cattle.
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