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Somewhere on the Barracks, a werewolf Lieutenant is busy with one of her human Privates.
“Um Bloodtooth-” Jenkins started to say.

“Call me Cindy,” Bloodtooth said, as she started to take the uniform off of her werewolf body. “It’s more fitting for this situation, young William.”

“Are you sure that we won’t get into trouble for this?” the young human asked, as he tentatively started to take off his own uniform. “I mean, don’t the regulations frown upon sexual relations between fellow soldiers?”

Bloodtooth chuckled. “As long as they don’t interfere with your training, and you don’t go blabbering about it,” she said. “The higher-ups don’t bother with such investigations. The problem comes when it’s unwilling.” She then shoved the human up against the wall and started to lick his face. “Besides, you deserve a proper reward for helping me to rescue my niece.”

“Um, Blood-”


“Um, Cindy, I don’t know if I can do this.”

“What do you mean?”

“My pants are giving me some trouble.”

Bloodtooth looked down, and grinned. “I guess that bulge would be troublesome. I’ll take care of that for you.” She got down on her knees and slowly unzipped the Private’s pants. She then slowly pulled them down, along with his underwear, revealing a nice and hard penis, which was of a good size for a human. She sniffed it, the scent telling her plenty of things about the human’s heath- chickenpox at eight years of age, flu and/or cold every few years, mild allergy to chili peppers, as well as the fact that he wanted to be in her, badly, and that he was about to burst. She pressed her nose against the Private’s crotch.

“That’s cold!” Jenkins yelped, jumping into the air.

“What were you expecting?” Bloodtooth asked as the private put his hands on his crotch, and began rubbing it.

“I thought that you were going to give me oral or something,” Jenkins said in a slightly higher pitched voice.

Bloodtooth looked up. “I don’t think that you want to taste your cum if we kiss.” She stood up, forcing her to look down at the human. “Of course, I don’t mind the taste of my own juices, and as it is, I’m having some trouble with my own pants.” She pushed down on the human’s shoulders, stepping backwards a couple of feet, and positioned him in the middle of her legs. “Well, what are you waiting for; an engraved invitation? Help me get my pants off Private!” She watched and heard the private unzip the zipper and the snap of the fastener as it was undone. She then felt Jenkins pull down her pants and underwear. Then he looked up at her.

“Alright, what do I do now?” he asked. “I mean, I don’t exactly have much experience with this sort of thing.”

Bloodtooth chuckled. “All you have to do is just lick,” she said. “It will help to stimulate my vagina.”

“There’s a lot of-”

“If you complain about it being hairy, then you can forget about doing me in my human form.” Bloodtooth then put her hands on the back of the human’s head, and shoved his face into her vagina. “Get to licking.” Jenkins started to lick.

After a while, she said, “Alright, that will do- any more licking and I’ll burst.” She helped the human stand up, and pressed him against the wall, planting her lips on his.

“Are you ready?” she asked a moment later, so that the human could catch his breath.

Jenkins nodded. “You have no idea how bad I want to be in you,” he said.

“Oh I do,” Bloodtooth said with a grin, as she tapped her snout. “This nose knows how to read hormones, and yours say that you want me to fuck your brains out, or for yourself to fuck mine out.” She then picked him up slightly, and helped his hard penis get inserted into her moistened vagina. “Now, here is an important question; do you want me to be the dominate one, and fuck you in my wolf form, or do you want to be the dominate one, and fuck me in my human form?”

Jenkins looked up a little into her eyes. “Either way sounds good,” he said. “How about we do both?”

Bloodtooth grinned. “I hope you have enough stamina then.” She then planted her lips back onto the human’s. Still holding the human up, Bloodtooth slid one of her hands down to Jenkins’s ass, and gave one of the cheeks a pinch with her claws, causing the young man to squirm slightly. They had a nice feel, not too firm, and not too flabby. She then began to trace everything about the human that she could, spine, ribs, muscles- everything. He certainly has a fairly healthy body, she thought. I’m going to have to have some real fun with him one of these days. She then removed her lips from his, allowing Jenkins to catch his breath again.

“What’s with the pinching?” he asked, gasping slightly. “And running your fingers up and down my back?”

Bloodtooth chuckled. “Don’t you like getting teased?”

“Not like that,” Jenkins said with a smile.

“Get used to it Private,” Bloodtooth said, with a friendly growl. “I’m taking it easy on your body. If your hide was anything but what it is, I’d be scratching you with my claws, instead of tickling you with the tips.”

“I hadn’t thought about that,” Jenkins said, with a weak chuckle.

“Of course, other women won’t be as easy on you.” She then picked Jenkins up a little higher, and walked over to the bed she had in the room, where she laid down, on top of the human. She started grinding her hips into his, and locked her lips back onto his.

After ten minutes of this, Bloodtooth got off of Jenkins. “That was pretty good,” she said, as she got out some glasses and a bottle of wine. “Care for a drink?”

“I thought we weren’t supposed to drink while on duty,” Jenkins said as he watched Bloodtooth fill one of the glasses.

“Ah, but we’re not on duty, and we won’t be until tomorrow,” Bloodtooth chuckled. “Now, would you care for a glass?”

“I guess I wouldn’t mind having one,” Jenkins said.

“That’s good to know,” Bloodtooth said, as she handed Jenkins the glass. She watched the human drink, as she picked up her own glass and lapped up the wine. When they finished their glasses, Bloodtooth got back on the bed and kissed Jenkins yet again.

“You need to let me catch my breath,” Jenkins said, as he pushed her off of him, somewhat.

“Lung control,” Bloodtoth said, tapping his chest. “You need to work on that- has more uses than just for long kisses, like holding your breath underwater, or if you end up in someone’s stomach.”

“Don’t remind me about that one, I almost ended up in yours yesterday.”

Bloodtooth chuckled. “That’s what happens when you stand on top of a wolf’s jaws, when you’ve both climbed up a rickety ladder that decides to break.”

“I guess so,” Jenkins said, with a weak chuckle.

“Of course, I do look forward to having you in my stomach.”

“What are you talking about?!”

“It’s part of your training- you need to learn how to escape from stomachs, in the event that you get captured by the enemy and swallowed.”

“Wouldn’t that be dangerous?” Jenkins asked. “Your stomach acids can easily dissolve bone, let alone skin, organs and muscle.”

“Don’t worry too much,” Bloodtooth said with a chuckle. “I won’t be eating much on days that training is being done, so that you can escape more easily, and I’ll be using antacid pills to keep you from getting dissolved, and adding onto my gorgeous body.”

“Um, how would I be escaping?”

“What goes in one way must come out the other way,” Bloodtooth chuckled.

“Okay, don’t want to think about that.”

“Like I said, don’t worry, I’ll help you out if you have trouble,” Bloodtooth said, with yet another chuckle. “Of course, if the worse comes to pass, and you do die, the medics will revive you.”

“Now that I don’t want to even think about.”

“Good,” Bloodtooth said as she started to kiss Jenkins yet again. “Though I will enjoy feeling you squirm and wriggle your way out of my body.”

“Didn’t I say I didn’t want to think about it?”

“And I’ve told you not to worry about it,” Bloodtooth smiled. “Now, do you posses the ability to dominate me, or are you too tired to do it?”

“Oh I’m ready,” Jenkins grinned.

“Good.” Bloodtooth began to shift. Her fur, muzzle, tail, claws, and teeth began to recede, along with her body’s size and mass. Her chest and the hair on top of her head began to grow. When her changes were done, she planted her lips back on Jenkins. Jenkins put his arms on her back, and held her to him. Bloodtooth slipped her own arms under Jenkins’ back, and caused them to roll over, so that Jenkins was on top. “Let’s see what you’ve got- Recruit.”

Jenkins grinned widely. “You asked for it.” He slowly kissed her, and began running his hands all over her body. He was going to enjoy his service in the military.

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