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A short piece about what dancing means to me. R&R please!
Beautiful music. Soft, melodic and flowing. My body sways to it, feeling its beat. My feet travel across the floor, arms move weightlessly through the cool air. My foot curves up to my knee, perfectly straight and pointed at the tip. I spin around; my limbs moving as one. I fly forward, landing lightly on my tiptoes. Legs parting, I ease down to the floor. I lean back, stretching out all my stress, freeing my body to the music.

Lyrics float onto the track, filling my body with emotion. I glide back up with grace and poise. I spin again, faster and faster as the pace of the music increases. I jump as a beat courses through me and vibrates off the plain walls of the room. My feet fall back to the wooden ground.

I close my eyes. A feeling of complete bliss fills my body. It’s me and the music. Me and the movements. Me and the beauty.

Dance is beautiful.

I am,

When my body flows to lyrical movements.

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."—Martha Graham.
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