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Proposed line of christian wear: Company name = LS/HS (Love the Sinners/Hate the Sin).
I was sitting around thinking about these two amazing shirts I had back in the day. One had "Is that your final answer?" on the front and "No matter the question, Jesus is the answer." on the back.

And another was a quote from the girl shot in the library at Columbine, her answer after the shooter asked if she believed in God

I have no clue where to find either of those shirts now. :'(

I want to start my own line of christian wear, think shirts mainly but can branch to many things, company name is LS/HS (Love the Sinners/Hate the Sin):

"Don't Judge" (DJ) Line

Front of shirt
Don't judge:
Jesus loved prostitutes
Back of shirt
Scripture: lady to be stoned, w/o sin cast first stone

Don't judge:
Jesus loves sinners
Scripture: tons to choose from

Front of shirt
Don't judge:
Jesus loved bastards/Jesus was a bastard
Back of shirt
Definition of 'bastard'
Factoid: God wasn't married to Mary
Scripture: tbd
*note:yea the bastard one's hard for me to type too, but it was a sermon at my ultra liberal church one day, fact is I think many of us (myself included) try to desensitize ourselves to the harsh realities of some situations and that's mainly because we (again myself included) can be so cruel to/with each other and we misuse words to such an extent that they become 'mean' or 'ugly' even when they are used correctly

Don't judge:
Jesus loves gay people
Scripture: be happy, happy people

As far as actually creating this line, i don't know, I'd like to, I figure just start out by making my own, then fulfill custom orders as they come in, I'm not very crafty but every once in a while the mood strikes, I'm more likely to do it if interest picks up. Tell you what, once I get 5 positive reviews on this topic I'll make a point to create a sample shirt and post the results.

Notes to self:
All shirts would have multiple types/styles/graphics

Updates to include scriptures, full sayings, picture drafts,

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