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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1911672
A poem...okay, a rap... which is completely out of character for me, about regret.
Lookin' at ya pictcha' (picture)
Wishin' I was with ya
'Member all the moments when
love was the main component, yeah
Back to the place
where this photograph was made, hey
When I'd take you to the park
and we cuddled until dark, oh
I held you in my arms
as we numbered all the stars...
Now take a look and notice
a decline in romantic focus,
that time in the kitchen
when you'd start your daily bitchin'
and I took it just by flinchin'
Then you said I wasn't listenin'.
"Bitch, you isn't fixin' it!"
Your eyes got full and wide
then you turned and ran and cried.
I sat down for a moment and
wondered what the main component was,
ran into our room and
faced the mirror, looked at us.
You begged me for forever
I said "I promise I'll be better."
Then you looked into my eyes
and you numbered all the lies.

Lookin' at ya pictcha'
Wishin' I was with ya
The days have come and gone
When I realized I was wrong.
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