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by stacie
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need help to find title any ideas
Name: India Age: eighteen birth place: London. I would start this off on how horrible my life is, how I have changed location so many times it hard to keep track now, how so many people have died around me. But I would rather cut to the chase and say I’m not a normal eighteen year old and not in a stupid teen way like I’m not normal because I don’t have a boyfriend or because I have one parent. No I’m not normal because I spent five years being brainwashed and trained on an operation called shadow men. This operation was highly classified they took runaways children and trained them to become the world’s top assassins. They found me in New York I was ten and had run away from a children’s home in London a stowed away on a cargo ship then hitched plenty of rides to New York. Thought it would be an easy place to live what with being the city of dreams but the streets were worse then I thought they would be.
That’s when I met kye he came up to me on the street shared some food he had I knew when I looked into his kind eyes that I could trust him. We were at a homeless shelter eating when the shadow men came they demanded that they handed over two children between the ages five and ten most of the kids there were too old. One of the men saw me and kye heading for the back door they grabbed me demanding that I tell them my age. I told them I my age next thing I knew I had some cloth cover my mouth and everything went black. When I woke kye was holding my hand he was holding my hand I sat up as I sat up he woke and lifted his head from his lap. I gasped at what I saw his left eye was swollen, his lip split and a few scratches covered his face
“What happened” my voice was barley a whisper and no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't go any louder.
“Careful you've been out cold a few days your voice isn’t used to being used oh god I thought you had.....” He looked like he was going to cry he went to cover his face but winced as his hand covered his face
“Don’t worry about me what happened to you?” I asked looking around the room I found a bowl of water and a cloth on the floor I went over and picked it up moving over to kye
“The man who came when they knocked you out I thought something bad had happened so I fought them but they were stronger they said something about liking my style so they took me too” he winced again as I placed the cloth on his face trying to clear some of the blood away.
“You tried to fight them well that was stupid I can take care of myself” I could start to feel myself get angry why did everyone feel the need to protect me that’s normally when they end up dead
“Why did you say you were ten you've got to be older at least thirteen” he looked at me puzzled like I had said it to protect him or something I mean yeah I would of
“ no I’m ten just tall for my age and I've had to grow up fast under my conditions” he sat waiting looking at my face waiting for me to continue after a while he gave up.
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