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Revenge takes many forms
"I have a new revenge game," Ester said as Judy walked into the living room. "And we can play it on Rodger's new girl friend."

"Great!" She sat down on the couch next to her identical twin, "tell me about it."

"You know the cat has fleas?"

"Yes," Judy frowned, "but what does that have to do with vengeance?"

"We remove the fleas from the cat and put them on the mink coat that Aunt Sue left Mom." Ester laughed at the perplexed look on Judy's face. "Then we put to coat in a Macy's box and send it to... What's the name of Rodger's new girl friend?"

"It's Hazel, but how does that get vengeance on Rodger? And... what do we tell Mom when she finds the coat missing?"

"Tell Mom we sent the coat to the Women's Shelter."

"OK, but..."

"Judy," Ester grins, "we put a note on the box from Rodger's snooty mother saying how nice it is that Rodger finally has a girl friend worthy of him."

"Oh! I see," Judy laughs, "Hazel puts on the coat, gets a bad case of The Fleas, gives Rodger the boot, and he comes back to me."

"Right," Easter picks up a pair to tweezers off of the coffee table and hands them to Judy. "I'll go get the coat and you start picking the fleas off the cat."

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