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If you chose to make New Years Resolutions what would they be?
Dear Me,

Huh, New Years resolutions. I hadn’t thought about those this year. After losing our daughter last year my life has changed dramatically.

I step into the shower and the warm water runs over my head and down my body. My brain stirs. If I wanted to make resolutions what kind would I make?

Start walking the dog. Nah, I can’t open a jar much less hold onto a fifty-pound dog. Play the piano? I do need the practice. I could add that as one, even though my arthritis makes it difficult. There is my painting. I love working with oils. I could paint more pictures. Now that’s the kind of resolution that makes sense to me. And, then there is my writing. I could resolve to write more every day.

I step out of the shower and overhear a conversation between my husband and our ten-year-old grandson. They are talking about our trip to Italy. He asks so many questions. What amazes me is that we are in our seventies. And yet, this little guy loves going on trips with us. We love to show him history in the flesh. This way, when he reads about the places he has been to in school, he will have a better feel for it. I really want to take him throughout the United States. There is a lot of history in America.

I want to continue, along with my husband of fifty years, to raise this child of our daughters. I want him to understand the different cultures of people and show him more of the world than a lot of young people will ever see. As he travels and grows I want him to have a well rounded life. This is another one of my New Year’s resolutions

I continue to think of other things in my life that enrich me and my family. We go to church, but we could be more consistent. It is important that our grandson is exposed to these teachings. However, I will not chastise them if they don’t go regularly. I will go and set an example and pray that they will follow.

With my pajamas on, I wrap my warm robe around me. All of these resolutions are wonderful and are attainable. But the best resolutions in life are to stop. Look at your surroundings. Watch the birds, see the trees in fall and the beauty of the leaves with their glory of colors, falling to the ground making a patchwork quilt on our lawn and in the streets. Hear the laughter of children, men and women when the snow blankets their towns and they witness the cleansing powder of it. Feel the beauty of spring when the flowers grow and the fruit ripens on the vine.

Love. Listen to whomever you are talking to and hope they will listen to you.

Breathe-in. Breathe-out.

Those are the best resolutions and I will keep them. I will display them for all to see, and maybe, just maybe, someone else will take one into their heart and home with them.

Lynda Miller
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