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What is going on?

              The universe unfolds like a flower at the center is the pollen; the essence.
      How many spirits have passed this way? How many leaves have unfolded
      from the bud and turned brilliant colors, only to wither and fall?
      A brick has no purpose other than to be a foundation. There is an order and
      a sequence to events. If only we have the time to learn.
              A miracle is by definition an event which is contrary to natural
      events. It is impossible to analyze in scientific terms. But, the proper
      question should not be can you believe, but what evidence do you have
      to prove it. The Apostle Paul once said to a king,

                      "Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you,
                    that God should raise the dead?"(Acts 26:8).

      Genesis states,

                      "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
                    (Genesis 1:1).

      Would you scoff at my tale of a man who could not die?
      Such power does exist. Science has theorized that immortality is real.
      This man lives today. His name is not important. He has fathered many
      races. You may call him Garry.

              Garry lives in Jersey and works at a body shop. He has been
      in many trades. Two thousand years ago, he was a carpenter.
      Garry has emassed great wealth and psychic power. He can perform
      miracles. He is a member of The Golden Dawn; a Masonic Temple in
      Manhattan. Lady Ga Ga is a also a member and one of his disciples.
      There are many celebrities, who follow Garry's teachings.
      And what are his teachings?

                      Do not drink pasturized milk.
                      Are you a cow?

                      Go to every one of Lady Ga Ga's concerts.
                      And wear ear plugs.

                      Never lease a car.
                      You never own it.

                      Be nice;
                      Even to Bill O'Reily.

                      You do not need a bazooka or
                      assault rifle or missal launcher
                      or army tank to be happy.
                      Take up checkers.

      This is what Garry preaches. Do you believe in him?
      Why not?

      Reflections: In 1610 Saint Garry Laplant had a calling to leave Paris
                        and go to Quebec to minister. He was captured by the
                        Iroquois and tortured and killed with a tomahawk to the head.
                        Was this God's will? If you are Catholic, you would say yes.
                        If you were Iroquois, you would not.

      In fact we cannot see God. His existence is inferred from the presence
      of miracles. We can, however, see humans and record their events.
      Is it more reasonable to say that miracles come from people?
      Perhaps, the moment of Zen is the realization that God is natural and
      not supernatural. All life is connected and that is the miracle.


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