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To comma or not to comma. Winnie Kay's class '13.

          Like the good people that I know,(9) I have always wished to keep out of debt. The bank which(6) I go to is a favorite local bank, and (1)I like to keep a viable checking account at my fingertips there.
         My time is precious,(8)gives no real frivolties,(8)tells me how often I need schedules, (8)and has never been a complete product of too much laziness. I thank God for a pocketful of sustaining,(3)little miracles. I am attentive to work,(8)healthy,(8)blessed with large family roots,(8)and lucky to be alive. Speaking of a modest amount of cash,(9)I must cross my toes and pray that(7)my older-most years be secure ones!
         On occasion(9x)my late Dad had exclaimed that(7)the only thing one has to worry about is death and taxes. Oh,(12)you must pay for those two things in full to get anywhere. As long as he had them in God’s pocket,(2) it was the answer to many of his worries. Once upon a time(9x)he had been a poor man. He came from a poor(4) Italian family,(1xe)but had a goal to get rich. Consequently,(11)he was aware of creature comforts,(1) but he avoided much material wealth. This was just the way he was in a modest manner.
         Dad,(5)who spent thirty-five years working for “Alcoa Aluminum’s” plant, (5)later started a printing corporation of his own with my uncle. He moonlighted as a favored,(3) local (4) Big-Band-Era musician most of his adult life too! Wow,(12)he was colorful(8x)and versatile(8x) and a merry, (3)old soul.
         His estate was split among my mother,(8)my living brother,(8)my sister-in-law,(8)and myself. Residing in a quaint,(3) provincial,(3) colonial home,(9) my Mom,(5) who is eighty-four years old,(5) is careful to navigate a tight ship with an iron will and,(5)surprisingly,(5) a nice amount of cash investments. Because I live close to my Mom,(2)I can always be a companion on Sunday afternoons for her. My brother,(5) who is in real estate,(5) and I are so amazed at how she gets around in a wheelchair. Since then,(11) she has emerged triumphant over a lingering illness,and(1) we rejoice with her. More power to her!

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