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Hope stands defiant in the face of certain despair. Quills 2013 Nominee
  Hope stands defiant in the face of certain despair. Quills 2013 Nominee

Hope Defiant

When the world is cold and all seems lost
When the lightning rips the sky
When the endless night is closing in
And the waves come crashing by

No shelter from the raging storms
No rest from the angry sea
No path to lead out of the dark
Hope's a distant memory

Yet hope has many voices
And comes in different forms
Sometimes is hard to find it
In the violence of the storms

A warning static in the air
Heralds the lightning’s reign
And a patient hush waits to calm
The thunder's desperate pain

The ocean rock is battered
By the whims of a petulant sea
No help against the endless tide
Lies abandoned, useless, and lonely

But what seems so forsaken
And lost among the waves
Offers solid ground in shifting seas
To those who’ve lost their way

Like shadows changing with the light
Hope shows so many faces
For all its promise, peace, and love
Its in the darkest places

Hope is never really fleeting
It stands forever strong
Defiant and loud it proudly says
Stand fast, keep holding on..

*Quill* Published in the Summer 2013 edition of Shadows Express  E-zine.
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