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A number of things impede our getaway.
We were all set for our Bermuda trip;
fly to Miami and hop on a ship.
We said goodnight and we set the alarm;
so many times it had worked like a charm.

Wouldn't you know when we needed it more,
it went on strike and allowed us to snore.
So when we woke we were prodded by time--
we had a ladder of hurry to climb.

Shaving and showering and dressing quick;
check on the tickets, do not be a hick.
Batten the hatches and turn down the heat;
we can drink coffee but forgo our eat.

The night provided both drizzle and ice;
time in Bermuda would suit us quite nice.
We pushed the screen door to make for our ride,
but due to freeze-frame we were trapped inside.

Something so simple you see every day!
Here was a door that now stood in our way.
I know you’re thinking, “The front door, you jerk!”
Hey man, I tried that but it didn’t work.

O Mother Nature, she often will stall;
she springs the summer--in winter we fall.
So with some suitcases nudging my knee,
I shouldered the door until it broke free.

Onto our car which of course would not start;
I even cursed, being Triple-A smart.
No time to lose, dial out for a cab;
(somewhere on Bermuda scurries a crab.)

Then as the cab made its way up the road,
it suffered failure from some overload.
Louie then turned and chimed, “This is so rare.”
I faced my wife and quipped, “This is not fair.”

Luckily out popped a neighbor we knew,
who was as spry as a young kinkajou.
So like a fire-drill for the forlorn,
we filled his van like the light fills the morn.

Bermuda basks in the warmth of the sun;
crabs on the beach no doubt frolic for fun.
In West Virginia we both hung our hat;
a bed and breakfast--we settled for that.

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