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Prince Holland forgot something
"Help!" Kara screamed, as she watched Prince Holland's caravan leave Castle Dragon's Hold. "Please, don't leave me in this tower." The Prince looked up at the tower, threw her a kiss, and lead the caravan into the sunset.

"My mother warned me about knights in shining armor," she whisper sitting down on the straw mat below the window and removing the lid from the serving tray a guard had brought her earlier. Laying on the tray was a gold dragon's head medallion, a bronze key, and a parchment scroll.

Unrolling the scroll she read,

Lady Kara,

This medallion will protect you from the Lord of this castle. Lord Drago returns two hours after sunset, beware his anger.

You loyal servant

"It would be nice to know who my loyal servant is," she tossed the scroll into a pile of trash against the north wall. Opening the door she stepped outside her prison into a corridor lit by a flickering torch. Removing the torch from the wall, she made her way toward the steps that lead into the heart of the castle. Carefully she descended the stone stops, stopping ever few minutes to listen. At the bottom of the steps, the torch burned out and she tossed it aside.

A roar reverberated through the castle, causing her to cower against the wall. Then she saw a light pulsing on the other side of an open door. Curious she went to the door and looked into the great hall. A gigantic red dragon stood in the center of the room, staring at her.

"So," the dragon said, "you are the gift Holland left me." Turning his head from side to side he studied her, "but he forgot to take the Medallion with him." He laughed and exited the great hall.

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