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A storoem about a young boy and his imagination.
After lunch, the young boy with his sword
of wood and his shield of cardboard went
into the woods where he was never bored,
where many happy hours he had spent.

Soon he came upon a knight of old,
resplendent in his shiny armor.
“Boy, I need your help if ye be bold.”
“I’m a brave knight; I am no farmer.”

“Good then. We have a dragon to slay.
Together we’ll bring his life to its end.”
“Sir knight, your trust I will not betray;
upon my courage you may depend.”

The two warriors followed dragon tracks
deep into the woods, until before them
stood a mighty dragon. (One who lacks
vision would see an oak tree before him.)

The dragon breathed out a fiery flame.
The knight struck with his trusty sword;
his shield ensured the fire did not maim.
The boy saw his chance and ran toward

the exposed soft neck of the dragon.
He thrust his sword deep into its chest,
striking the beast dead. Soon on a wagon
they displayed its head, ending their quest.

“Come with me to see the king,” the knight
said. “He will reward you royally.”
The boy: “Accompany you, I just might.
I earned my prize fighting so loyally.”

As they started to go, they heard, “John-NY.”
“Who bellows so?” the knight asked the boy.
“That’s Mom. She’ll have me over her knee
if I delay; her you don’t want to annoy.”

At supper, Mom asked, “Johnny, what did
you do this afternoon?” “Killed a dragon!
A knight helped a little.” “Oh, to be a kid
again,” thought Mom, as her heart did gladden.

As she tucked Johnny in bed, “Stay young.”
While she kissed him, an acorn softly fell.
“Getting to defeat dragons is among
things adults no longer do. Pray tell

what’s this on the floor here?” With a smile,
Johnny said, “Oh, just a dragon’s scale.”
“Your tall tales certainly can beguile;
they remind my imagination how to sail.”

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