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by rcw
Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #1917656
Some thoughts about lunch with a friend. Seeing a different person than I knew before.
I never noticed before, or if I did I have no memory, but your eyes are blue.
Not blue like mine exactly, a lighter shade.

At least that is what I would have guessed if asked.
Of course I would have been wrong.

So why now?
Why do I notice the color of your eyes today? this day?
And why am I looking for some meaning in this?

And not just your eyes today.
Today I saw something else.
Something of what and who you are.

Its not like I hadn't seen that side before either.
Just like your eyes.
Seen but not captured.

Today, a comment.
An insight into your passion.
Your desires.

I'd seen this before.
Never face to face.
Only through our online confessional.

But today across the table
You shared your thoughts.
You shared you.

Your confession.
Not lust
But your desire for more
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