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Entry for Project Write World February 2013
Elsa walked slowly down the corridor, checking the numbers above the storage units. As she stepped from one section to another the light above came on automatically. At each turn, she could feel invisible strings directing her down the desired corridor. If she wanted to go right, the strings made her go left. She felt as if an invisible puppeteer was making the decisions for her. "No!" She said aloud, setting straight up in bed.

She got up, went to the window, and looked out. From her apartment she could see the lights of the Las Vegas Strip. A tear rolled down her cheek, as she watch the lights. She wondered what the Strip really looked like and how the people who worked and played there really acted. She and George had lived in Vegas for five years, but she had never been more then three or four blocks from their apartment. George ran their household the same way he run his business without asking the opinion of her or anyone else.

Sighing she went back to bed, but instead of laying down on her side she walked around to George's side and laid down. She laughed, thinking how he would react if he found out. He wasn't physically abusive, he didn't verbally belittle her, and he bought her all the necessities and luxuries he could afford. For the past two weeks, George had worked the night shift and half of the day shift because the night manager got tired of calling George every time a decision was required. When George was home, he had to sleep so that he could go back to work at night. The time alone had given Elsa a chance to make all the decisions George usually made.

Elsa sit up in bed and check the clock, which was on George's side of the bed. One A.M., she smiled, George won't be home for another five or six hours. I'll have time for a short trip to The Strip. She got up, walked to the closet, and removed the prettiest dress she owned. After she dressed, she removed her credit card from the top drawer of George's nightstand. Right or wrong, she thought as she left the house. I'm going to visit the Las Vegas Strip.

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