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Misty's barking wakes Margret up at 1 A.M.
Margret woke out of a sound sleep to the sound of her next door neighbor's dog alternating between a bark and a howl. Sighing, she reached for her cell phone, but decided that if she could hear Misty then Joyce and Joel could hear the pit bull poodle mix as well.

"Damn!" She growled checking the time on her phone, "1 A.M. and I have a job interview at 8. Those two would pick today to stay out all night." Getting up, she put on her slippers and her robe, made her way to the kitchen, opened the pantry door, and removed a large box of dogie treats. Then she went out the backdoor and walked quickly to the fence between the two yard.

"Misty," she shouted, "be quiet." Then she began throwing dogie treats over the fence. When the box was empty she started to go back into the house, but a radio came on. Rock music reverberated from the yard and Misty began howling again. She turned around and walked back to the fence.

"Joel, Joyce," she shouted, "please turn the music down and shut the dog up."

Someone turned the music up and a few minutes later a wine bottle came flying over the fence. It landed at her feet, as she bent down to pick it up another bottle sailed over her head and broke on the side of her house. Returning to the house, she picked up the kitchen phone and dialed the police.

"My neighbors at 120 Clay Circle are creating a noise nuisance."

"Yes," she smiled realizing the officer could hear the music. "That's the problem."

"Thank you!"

Thirty minutes later, Margret stood on her front porch watching as the police took Joel away in handcuffs and Misty ran into her house.

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