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by kc1998
Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Action/Adventure · #1919210
A story that takes off 27 years after Dead Earth:Chapter 1:Damnation:
27 years later, east Texas.

Bugs fluttered about on pile of corpses out in the field just as David was pouring gasoline on them and threw a match on the corpses. The pile instantly ignited and the smell of charring rotten flesh began to fill the air. David went back into his barn to butcher a chicken for dinner. David picked a fat one and hung it upside down. He began skinning the chicken and finally put it on a pig roaster. He slowly spun it around until it was golden and took it off to dip it in bread crumbs and garlic powder.

While the corpses were roasting the smell of burning flesh attracted more zombies out of the woods near his house. They fell in a ditch just as he took a peek outside and didn't see them. He proceeded to continue making dinner and his wife Sarah came into the kitchen along with Jerry, his son. He got done making the delicious chicken and they sat down for a meal as a horde of zombies were 1/3 across his 7 acre field.

He was eating chicken with his family and one of the goats started making a commotion. He went outside and checked on the goats, they were all fine and he shut the barn doors to finish his meal. Sarah opened the door for him while the zombies drew closer to the house. They finished their chicken and got ready for bed. They brushed their teeth and David read a story to Jerry before hitting the hay.

David went to sleep and had a nightmare where zombies broke into his house and ripped Sarah & Jerry to pieces. David woke in the middle of the night and Sarah was gone!. He rushed to the living room after hearing a scream and zombies were closing in on Sarah & Jerry. David saw a knife stuck in a zombies neck. He knocked over the zombie and pulled the knife out and got ready to kill the zombies but it was too late.

The zombies had a hold on Jerry & Sarah and started biting both of them. David dropped to his knees in sadness and was about to weep but wiped away his tears. He entered a blinding rage and lunged at the zombie horde and began stabbing them to death. One of the zombies flailed it's arm at him and knocked the knife out of his hand. It clawed at him but missed and he picked up the knife and drove it into it's head. It dropped to the floor and David pulled the knife out and wiped the brains off with a cloth.

He plopped down on the couch with a beer and drank it while grieving over his family's death. He tossed the beer through a window in a fit of rage and it hit a zombie in the face. David got up and looked at the zombie lying outside. He laughed at it when he saw pieces of his bottle lodged into it's eyes and It ran at him but fell over a wheel barrel. He went outside and stomped it's head into paste, then went back inside.

He went to his shed and grabbed a shovel while the sun set on the horizon. It began getting dark as he finished digging the graves and put his wife & child into their graves. Just as he reached for the shovel they both opened their eyes and attempted to climb out of their graves. He dropped a rock on each of their chest's and began shoveling dirt on them as they squirmed and screeched.

They stopped squirming and making noise when the dirt crushed their torso & legs. David kept shoveling dirt while tears burnt his eyes, he finished burying them and put his shovel back in the shed. David went inside for another beer but heard a faint sound in the distance. He turned around and saw 6 people driving down the road on choppers. They drew closer to his house and he knew who they were.

Part II:Buried Secrets:

David ran inside, grabbed his shotgun and rode off like a angry steed just as they pulled into his driveway. They charged after him and one pulled out a chain and flung it at David's truck. It had a blade on the end and took a big piece of paint & metal off the side of his truck. It snagged on the truck's axle and David rolled down the window. He grabbed the chain that the biker had tied to his arm and pulled it off his axle. David wrapped the chain on his arm and pulled as hard as he could. The biker spun out of control and crashed into a ditch as he let go of the chain.

The chain ricocheted back at the biker and went through his neck at unbelievable speeds. The rest of them watched as Ronald's head slowly slide off his neck. Ronald's body dropped to the ground next to his head and the pack leader Jones said" lets get that bastard!". Jones and the rest revved their engines and flew down the road. David looked in his rear-view mirror and saw Jones with the look of the devil on his face. David slammed down on the gas and began to outrun them.

David finally got a ways ahead and slowed down a bit, he looked forward and saw Chicago in the distance. David heard howls and said"shit", a pack of 10 zombie wolves ran up on both sides of his truck and David slammed the brakes. All the wolves flung off his truck and David banged his head off the steering wheel. David's vision went blurry and he almost blacked out but some of the uninjured wolves were climbing on his hood.

He reached for his double barrel shotgun as the wolves clawed and snarled at him just wishing for a bite of him. David opened his sun-roof and said" eat this" and blew the wolf's brains all over his windshield. The other two wolves leapt at him but he shot it in the leg and it rolled off the top of his truck. He slammed the sun-roof shut just as the last wolf popped it's head in and it's head fell on his lap.

He saw the head's eyes darting around and it attempted to bite his hand. David pulled his hand away and shoved his double barrel in it's mouth. He pulled the trigger and blood splattered all over his face. He pulled out his cloth and wiped the blood off his face. He turned on the windshield wipers to wipe the brains & blood off and saw the bikers in the distance. He got out of the truck and wiped the brains off with a cloth.

David finished wiping it off and drove down the road with them on his tail. David had a plan thought out but it would destroy his truck in the process. The bikers were closing in on him and pulled out chains. Just as they got right behind him David slammed the brakes and jumped out. They hit the side of his truck at blazing speeds and exploded in a ball of fire.

David continued down the road to Chicago while they screamed and burnt in the fire. He came to a roadblock of semi-trucks and saw a cornfield to his right. David entered the cornfield to pass around the barrier and enter Chicago. He heard some screeching in the field. David hid behind some cornstalks and watched 5-6 zombies stumble right past him.

One of them smelt David's flesh and ran to where he was hiding. The rest followed and David saw them turning around. He loaded his shotgun and shot a hole through a zombie's chest. It kept walking towards him and David said"what the hell!?" and took another shot at it. It continued towards him with a hole in it's head and chest.

David ran away from the zombies and emerged on the other side of the truck. The zombies stumbled out behind him and David saw a plane spiraling towards him. He crawled under a semi-truck just as the plane drove itself into the concrete while killing the zombies. David crawled out and got up just as the plane caught on fire. David ran from the plane but looked around at all the cars.

He said"shit!" just as the plane exploded thus causing a chained explosion. David got on his belly hoping not to be caught in the chaos as cars exploded simultaneously. David waited for 13-15 minutes until the noises stopped and got up. He saw he was surrounded by a heap of twisted & warped metal wrapped around him. David climbed on top of the scattered cars and saw smoke rising into the sky from Chicago.

He climbed down and reached the entrance of Chicago, The smoke was still rising and he knew there were survivors in there. He walked in and saw several buildings just waiting to crumble and took caution. David checked his surroundings as he walked closer to the smoke watching for any crumbling buildings. Our lone survivor continued through the ancient crumbling city and eventually reached the smoke.

Part III:False Haven:

He halted for a moment after hearing screams where the smoke was rising from and saw 3 people standing atop a crashed chopper. They kept spraying & praying until the zombies were exterminated. One hopped down and said"lower your weapons, we got a fellow survivor here!". David walked up to him and he introduced himself as Bill. Bill said" these two are James & Katie", They finished introductions and walked towards a crusty building.

Bill pushed the doors open and David said"wow", the place had a emergency generator putting out power. There was a working television,lighting and a computer. James showed David his room and David plopped onto his bed. David came out of his room and said" Its worn down but it works". Bill said he was gonna go to the market and try to find some non-rotting food.

James said"got something cool for ya David", David followed him to a sheet covering something. James took off the sheet and it was a Tanaka 2014 edition motor bike. Katie said" we found 4 of these and were looking for another survivor to give it to. David said"this looks like a great ride" and decided to take it for a spin.

He rode around the block and discovered a weapon shop, He came back just as Bill rode up and they all went to check it out. David found some rope and 2 chainsaws and got an idea. He went back outside and asked James to hold his bike still. David took the rope & chainsaws and tied the chainsaws to both sides of his bike.

James said"wow good idea David!", the others came out and got their own ideas. Bill found two ak-95s and strapped them on his, Katie found a pair of short swords and arranged them like horns on her bike. James found a small mini-gun and put it in the middle of his handlebars. They all had transformed their bikes into deadly cruisers. They decided that they were officially a crew and shouted"LET'S GO!!!".

The deadly four revved their engines and David said" karma's leaning our way today!". James, Katie & Bill replied"yep" as the crew thundered down the road at 73 mph. They were back at the hideout and Bill asked if anyone wanted to play video games. Katie played a racing game with everyone else while David sat in his room. David heard steps from under a floorboard and pulled it up, Katie heard the cracking as he did and said"Oh no he's gonna find out!". She dropped her controller and ran into David's room.

David was looking down at the hundreds of silent corpses and said" Katie what is this?!" right as the other two popped in. They decided it was time for truth and sat down for a talk. Bill, James & Katie told David that these corpses are not normal and had roamed beneath the building for months. David said"month's!?, and how come these ones don't make any noise?!". Bill replied" David, these zombies are creeper zombies and they are mutated. David asked what these ones do and James said" They just are completely silent".

David said"mutated?!" and James said" the zombies below us are creepers". They thought of ways to erase the creeper-zombies and came up with a solution. They grabbed rope and made a couple flamethrowers with cans of hairspray & lighters. Bill stayed in the building and lowered them down into the abyss.

David, James & Katie reached the bottom and Katie said" here's the plan, I'll throw pieces of meat while you roast the zombies with these". Katie handed James & David hairspray flamethrowers and chucked a piece of meat out. The zombies didn't take the bait and instead walked towards the trio, James said" what the hell?!, it didn't work"

David & James began roasting the zombies like marshmallows over a campfire and Bill said"how's the plan working". Katie said" well I threw out a piece of meat but they just went for us". Bill saw a zombie behind James and yelled" WATCH OUT!" but it was too late. They all watched James struggling to get free and the zombie dug it's teeth into his shoulder.

David shot the zombie in the head but it still held onto James as he screamed in pain. Katie remembered when she played football with her dad before all this and dropped her bag of meat. She ran at the zombie and pushed James away and plunged into a pit. Bill & the others yelled "NO!" as Katie fell down into the dark pit. They closed their eyes as they heard Katie drive herself & the zombie into a sharp rock.

Bill said"fucking wonderful" while gazing down the pit where Katie was. David tended to James bite while Bill attempted to make the best of the situation. The trio decided to get out of the pit and climbed up. Just as Bill climbed up a zombie grasped his leg to no avail, he kicked the zombie in the face and slammed the floor board shut. Bill said" okay David & James pack your shit because its time to go". Bill told James & David he knew of a old mansion a few miles away that looked in good shape.

They all began to pack but James stopped and began to cry. Bill came up to him and gave him a pat on the back. Bill said" hey it's alright James,she sacrificed herself for you". James wiped away his tears and continued packing along with Bill & David. James said" yeah your right Bill" right before sticking a pistol to Bill's head.

The End: Death Of The Deceiver:

Bill said"great!" while James held the gun to his head. Bill said" there was always something odd abo- but was cut off by James. He said" I never liked people too much anyway". David stood his ground and kept his mouth shut. James said" time's up" but David leaped at him and tried to wrestle the gun away from him. James got his hand free and shot right through David's forehead. The gunshot drew zombies to them and Bill shouted" YOU MORON WE'RE SCREWED" as zombies pounded at the window.

James said" this was inevitable from the beginning Bill!" and began to laugh just as the zombies broke in. Bill closed his eyes and began to grin as James laughter turned to screams.

© Copyright 2013 kc1998 (kc1998 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1919210