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by kc1998
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57 years after Chapter II, The earth is collapsing
57 Years later, Earth's status:Collapsing:. Gulf of Mexico.

Frank was on a beach watching his back for zombies but none popped up so he kept walking with his machete. He heard the ground rumbling and backed up knowing what it was. A massive black root burst from the ground and Frank lost his footing. The black root wrapped around his ankle and hung him upside-down like a pinata. He dug his machete into the root's side and it dropped him to the ground, purple liquid squirted out of the wound as the root flung around wildly.

It hit Frank's ribs and knocked him to the ground. He got up and one of his ribs hurt like hell as he watched the root zoom back into the ground. Frank said" good, it's suppressed for now" and began walking towards a half-way collapsed building. He opened the door while stating" it's all I got". The run-down place had scarce lighting and looked ancient. Dust fell from the ceiling and the moldy beams creaked, eager to collapse. Frank lifted his shirt and began to bandage his bleeding side from the root's strike.

Frank got finished bandaging and pulled a old photo out of his pocket, it was a picture of him & his family. Flashback time. Frank and his family were walking down a road looking out for zombies 13 years ago. They all fell to their knees as the ground trembled. Frank watched in shock as the ground they were on began to crack. Frank got up and tried to get his family off the collapsing ground but it was too late.

Frank's shock turned to horror as the ground beneath them collapsed and Frank grasped a ledge. Frank watched them fall down into the darkness, he pulled himself up while tears formed in his eyes. Frank opened his eyes while the remaining lights flickered and said" damned terrible memories!". Frank shut the door, locked the windows and put the photo back in his pocket. Frank opened some basement doors and went down.

He entered the basement and there were cows, pigs & chickens. He grabbed a pig and lifted it up the steps. He went into another room and began to skin the pig and remove it's organs. He washed the blood off his hands and put it on a spit roast. He waited for 2-3 hours and spun the pig around until it was golden and smelled delicious. Frank got ready to take it off the spit roast but the smell had attracted some other hungry dead friends. Frank said" hey I didn't invite these guys for dinner and grabbed his machete.

Frank came back inside 15 minutes later after dicing the corpses into pieces and throwing them into the ocean. He ate one of the pigs legs and put the rest into a cabinet for tomorrow. Frank sat down in his chair and stayed awake for several hours keeping watch over his ancient home sweet home. Frank passed out and stumbled out of his chair after hearing zombies pound at the door.

He fell over and got back on his feet while the door threatened to shatter. The door began to crack and Frank stuck his machete through a door shade and into a zombies head with lightning speed. He drew it back and swung the doors open. The zombies fell over just like Frank and he curb-stomped both of them. Frank went back inside while looking at his watch. It was 9:47 am so he decided it was time for another run to the bow shop to copy more arrows. He hopped on his homemade dune buggy and blazed towards the shop.

A crawler zombie had decided to hitch a ride and crawled under the buggy. It got wrapped around the axle and caused frank to lose control. He spun towards some rocks on the beach and hit them head-on. He opened his eyes and saw undead wandering around. Frank tried to get up but his legs were caught under the buggy. The engine caught on fire and Frank said" oh shi- but the buggy blew him and several zombies to shreds before he could finish his sentence. The last man on earth was dead and the earth collapsed into hundreds of pieces 3 years afterwards.
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