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The last child of a long lasting family goes to grieve
Upon the day of his 15’th birthday he saw the light. The dawn of the green gardens. This was where he had tied the ropes of his many forefathers. Every year had passed by only to tie a new knot in that tree, upholding the family tradition. Every of his descendants had tied a knot every year. This knot, of birthright and birthplace, was placed upon their birthday. He was crying.
Hopelessly he was sitting there alone in the shadow of the knot tree. Mostly because it had withered in the many years the family had used it, but also because he was the last. He was only allowed to visit this place once a year, to sit here and moan the death of his parents. The long trunk crooked in despair, reflecting a deep pain to the very soul of the tree, withering it through time. While he faced it the line of the wrinkled stem took on the images of his parents by their deathbed. Must have been a spur of imagination. The last responsibility to carry on the family name, and traditions to a new sphere now lay on him. A new place and a new time!
He had already taken his decision to uphold family law. This should be the last knot ever tied to the tree. He was fumbling with it. As limber as any child his age, he ascending the many old thick branches into the tree and placed the knot the place he had been promised. In an instant the branches to which he had lifted himself were the only one that was alive of the tree. They moved in the wind to illustrate the magic of young life among old.

The tears still ran down his cheeks, but at least he was finished in his doing upon this day. Another hour and his orphanage would come to collect him, as they always did. It was lucky to get at least an hour to yourself in a place such as his orphanage. There were many duties for the youngsters and in a day, you would most likely not get any time alone. So this was it. The best day of the year and all he could do was to grieve.

In a leap of faith he threw himself from the tree as agile as any jungle cat. Just before he hit the ground a snap could be heard. A crack to his neck as the knot proved to be effective enough to hold him and grab him by the edge of his life. It cracked only after his neck had done so and his life had ended with that of the tree. It crumbled around him, over him and all turned to dust in the wind.
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