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When my son was little, he had a purple cape he would wear and become Super Drew!

A little boy lived in a nice brick house with his mama.  His name was Drew.  Drew had quite an imagination.  He loved to play with his toys and pretend he was a giant and the toys were tiny people in tiny towns.  He loved to build tall buildings with his blocks and create backgrounds with his crayons and construction paper.

But there was one thing that Drew loved more than anything.  And that was his purple cape.  And when he put on his purple cape, he became Super Drew with super powers!

With his purple cape he could fly like Superman.

With his purple cape he could climb buildings like Spiderman.

With his purple cape he could turn invisible like the Invisible Man.

With his purple cape he had super human strength like the Hulk.

In fact, his purple cape could do anything he needed it to do to make sure the whole world was safe. But only Drew and his mom knew what the purple cape could do.  And she was sworn to secrecy. 

Before Drew went to bed every night, his purple cape took him on many adventures.  As Super Drew, he had to save the world from the bad guys.  His purple cape was so powerful, that no one but Super Drew could make it work.  Even the bad guys feared Super Drew’s purple cape and tried to find out how to stop its super powers.  But Drew knew they never would.  Because with one shake of his purple cape, all those bad guys would run in fear.  They were no match for Super Drew with super powers!

If a bad guy tried to flood the city, Super Drew used his super cape to absorb all that water and wring it out over Niagara Falls.  He knew Niagara Falls could always use more water.

If a bad guy set a skyscraper on fire, Super Drew would shake his super cape three times causing it to expand and then throw it over the fire to put it out.  His cape never smelled like smoke or caught on fire.  That’s because it was super powerful just like Super Drew with super powers!

If a bad guy tried to beat up Super Drew, he threw his super cape around him and it became a force field, protecting him from all evil.

Super Drew’s powers were unstoppable.  “You just wait, Super Drew,” they would say, “We’ll figure out how to stop you!”  But they never did, and the world was safe as always.

After Super Drew defeated the bad guys each evening, he would make his way back home, take off his super cape, put it in a safe place, and get in his cozy bed for the evening.  Every night Drew’s mom would come and give him a hug and always ask, “What did Super Drew do tonight?”  And Drew always told her what he did.  “I feel safe with Super Drew around,” she would say.  And Drew would smile at her, give her a hug back, and say, “You’ll always be safe with Super Drew around!”  Drew’s mom would smile.  And then, after his prayer, Drew would close his eyes and go fast asleep.  And his mom would whisper, “Good night Super Drew.  I love my super hero.”

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