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My son is always asking me something!!
When my son, Kaleb was three years old he was full of questions as most children at his age are. I tried to answer most of them as best as I could, but there were some questions that would just stump me.

I will never forget the day, he got me to thinking how precious children are and that God had to be smiling down at Kaleb. First of all, I need to mention that Kaleb was a T.V. nut. He loved nothing better to sit and watch his favorite programs on PBS which stands for Public Broadcasting Station. They have a lot of children's shows such as Sesame Street.

We were in the car on this particular day and out of the blue, Kaleb askes me, " Do they have T.V. in Heaven?" Well, quite honestly I did not know what to say. I told him I really didn't know but I would think not. Well, it was really quiet for some time in the back seat as a little mind was thinking. I was driving but could just imagine that furrow in his brow he gets when he is concentrating. Then his little voice speaks up. " Mommy, I think they do have T.V. in Heaven."
I asked, " What makes you think that Kaleb?"
He answered, "Well, God loves me and he wants to make me happy and my favorite thing in the whole world is PBS, so I think God has a T.V. in Heaven so I won't miss my shows."
"You know Kaleb, you are more than likely right." I answered.
I am sure God was laughing as hard as I was at the things kids say.
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