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What happened to good old love hmm?
Why did i have to kill her?
If she only listened, she would still be alive.
But noooo, she had to scream
and she had to run.
She had a lot of blood.
She didn't understand how much i loved her
Every day from 8-10, he would watch her, working at the coffee shop
And every day he would wait for her
And every night he would walk her home.
Not that she knew that or anything.
But thats over now
I got so mad when she said no
i put everything on the line for her.
I bought her flowers every day for 3 weeks!
I wonder why she looked confoused when i stopped by.
We were supposed to be going on a date
She told me we didn't
But don't worry
i made her remember
She made me dinner
oh it was quite a yummy dinner it was!
And she looked really pretty in a red cocktail dress.
It hides blood stains really well too!
Well great!!
Now i have to clean the knife and the floors!
Damn where can i hide a body this late at night??
oooooohhhhhh well!
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