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8 babies were kidnapped by the two scientists. David and Eric tried something on.
Infinity Sets In 8


8 persons

8 lives

8 trials

8 powers

8 stones

8 hearts

8 begginings


8 stories

It is long engraved in their hearts.

In the year 2000, 2 scientists undergo experiments to prove their theories right.
"It is possible for people to have special powers", one of the scientists explained to no one in particular while facing the computer's huge monitor.

"And we'll prove it",his friend, David Watson side-commented.

Eric Collar and David Watson, 2 scientists were being chased by different government agencies for experimenting on people.

At the very moment, they just kidnapped two babies. David mixed chemicals on a tube while Eric do the checking in their big computer. The different formulas pump in the monitor perfectly. They smile at each other for their job well done. Then, they get the box with 8 small stones inside. Each of the stone was bath by the mixed chemicals. Chemicals that was labeled randomly:

1. Angel type--- formulated to create a human from heaven
2. Wizard type--- the one who cast spells
3. Archery--- arrow target locks on
4. Swordmanship--- swordsman who cut through everything
5. Time control--- control time movements
6. Mind reading--- look beyond your thoughts
7. Strength--- strongest of all being
8. Levitation--- can lift anything by means of playing the violin

After a minute or two, the stones reacted and engraved colors on it. It was glowing in the dark. The labratory inside the plane is huge and dark. Curtains hanging down supports the darkness inside. There are huge computers , chemical section and messy papers everywhere. However, as the scientists step outside, whiteness could only be found. The stones stop glowing as they walk and observe the surroundings. For a very long time, they stayed inside the labratory. They meet the true plane-like atmosphere here. There are two chairs side by side in each corner. A way going to the supposedly comfort room is also presented in the middle of the chairs. But, instead of the comfort room to be found, it is the cubicle for the experimented babies. Entering the room, the 8 babies were sleeping quitely. Without the babies' knowledge, David and Eric carry the babies inside the small surgery room. As they start the operation, babies begin to get into consciousness and cry. They injected something to calm the poor choosen ones. The process of implanting the small stones in their hearts takes a good 3 hours.

"Done". Eric sigh while David continuosly work unto something with the samll one.
"No. But we're nearly done. These 8 beings shall prove the mystery of the hidden powers soon to wake up in their hearts. Shall infinity guide them to their fated destination".

Unknowingly, one of the government agencies is taking there plane down. From the outsides point of view, a bomber from a helicopter targeted the scientists' plane and aim at its wings and engine.

"Perfect". The bomber smirk and turn his way from the burning flame.

The plane crash down in a isolated island.

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