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Jesus is Lord
Jesus Is Lord

The most important part of my life is the faith that Jesus is Lord.  We must always remember He loves us and died for us.  When we mess up, He will forgive us if we repent.  He knows we are not perfect and no matter how hard we try to obey all the commandments of God we fall short. He also knows we must work hard to spread the Word and walk in the Word.

When I was small I was baptized and then again with my children as a group. Their hearts were washed clean in the cleansing water of the Lord’s Grace and His love.

There have been times in my life when I have found myself forgetting to come to Him and figured I could handle things myself. Before too long, I realize that He knows what is best for me.

When my first baby was still born; my heart was having trouble understanding why? So small, so innocent but then I knew in my heart that my baby was needed as a special angel above.

When my father was so terribly ill and near death; I found a small chapel in the hospital to speak to Him.  The time seemed to be so needed communing with Him and it help reconcile with my father’s impending death and new life with Him.

When my mother suffered from Alzheimer’s for 7 years and had no one but me and Jesus to love her, we shared prayer as long as her mind would allow.  Caring for her in my home was the message I received from my relationship with Him. The preacher prayed with us near the end which brought me comfort and strength again.

The power available through the Holy Spirit is ours to embrace.

We are strongest when we are relying on Him.

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