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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #1926558
Something I thought up.
It was a night like most nights but this one seemed more eerie than normal. The rain was pouring down soaking me to the bones. I was on my way to meet my fiance, at a small Italian restaurant named Angelo’s. It was one of our favorite places to eat, as well as where we’d first met. It held a special place in our hearts by bringing us together, and to the moment we’re at today.
Jason’s the kind of man you couldn’t help but fall in love with. You know like the ones you read about but don’t really exist except in romance novels. Well he’s my romance novel come to life. He’s the sweetest and kindest man you could ever meet. He’s also the most romantic man you’ll ever find. Every day he finds some way new to romance me. With him in my life I couldn’t ask for anything more.
As I continued on my way to meet him, I started to notice a light fog rolling in. It began to form a blanket of mist across the wet ground. It was an eerie sight to behold. Just watching the way the fog swirled in with the dim lighting of the street lamps reminded me of an old movie called, “The Fog.”
Something just didn’t feel right; the whole night just took on an unnatural feel to it. I’m not sure what brought on this feeling, only that if felt different. I began to feel as if there was an evil presence surrounding me, beckoning me to its will. I fought the urge to scream, as well as the urge to run. I wasn’t sure if I was the prey or if I was to be a witness for what was to come. All I knew for sure is that I wanted to be anywhere but here.
Suddenly everything went silent. Even the sound of the rain seemed to fade away. I looked around not knowing quite what was happening. I took in all my surroundings, looking in every direction. I neither saw nor heard anything. The night had become deadly quiet.
I then made the mistake of looking up into the sky, as I felt it beckoning me. I knew I shouldn’t have looked up, but I found the lure too strong. I couldn’t look away now even if I wanted to. As I tilted my head back to look up in the sky, I watched as the clouds slowly made way for the moon to come out.
The moon held a strange allure to me, captivating me. Why I do not know. It was then that I felt it. I felt every ounce of my body begin to stretch and contort. Heard the cracking of my bones and I began to shift into something else.  I have never had this feeling before, nor have I felt such a rush of ultimate power. I let out a scream not quite my own, one that wasn’t even human. I continued to scream as the pain racked though my shifting body.
I wasn’t quite sure what was happening to me, wasn’t sure I wanted to know. Finally the pain stopped as the transformation came to an end. It was then that I smelled it, a pungent yet sweet smell. I found it alluring, yet was repulsed by it at the same time. Its call to me was so strong I had to find it. With a heightened sense of smell I found the scent easy to track. It only took me moments to realize what that bitter sweet smell was. It was the smell of blood, human blood.
My urge to have it consumed me. I tried to fight it, to stay away from it. I definitely didn’t want to kill anyone for it. I was never one for violence, in fact I loathed it. I was always disgusted by those who lived by it hurting, and killing others for whatever their reasons. It was just wrong. No one had the right to hurt or take a life.  I find like them that I cannot control who or what I am. I’m not even sure what that is, or why it happened. I try to fight my urge to kill, to feed, but the more I fight myself the more I want to kill.
The human side of me tries to reason with the creature I’ve become. I find that the beast inside me is growing stronger, as I slowly begin to grow weaker. If only the moon would fade behind the clouds, I thought. Maybe just maybe I would once more be the woman that I was. Unfortunately, for me, the moon was shining brightly in the sky. I felt as if it was mocking me as I found myself once more following the poor unfortunate soul. The one who would become my first but not last victim to this creature I’d become.
I begin to move silently behind my prey, watching and waiting. Looking for the right moment to pounce and take that which I so desire. I want to taste its warm, wet blood sliding down my throat. Please I beg, don’t make do this. The beast in me just laughs at my request. The monster I’ve become is quickly taking control of my will. I find I cannot hold on much longer, as the pull to kill is just too strong.
I make one final plea to the beast in me but to no avail. My will finally broken, I can no longer hold myself back. My lust for blood is just too strong as it begins to overtake my will to fight. I felt sorry for the one who was to fall victim to the beast within. I felt such sorrow towards the one whose scent I found so alluring, so intoxicating. I no longer had the urge to fight.
I let out an unearthly howl letting my prey know I was there. I wanted to see the fear in my victim’s eyes before I killed it. Even though my parents had always told me never to play with my food, I couldn’t help myself. As much as I wanted to taste that sweet nectar I wanted to smell its fear.
I watched with excitement and anticipation as my prey turned around and saw me for what I was, a monster. The fear in its eyes was unlike anything I’d ever seen before.  The poor soul was frozen in fear. I howled to get a reaction to get it to run, but it just stood there unable to move.
I moved in slowly, getting closer and closer. Growling at it hoping my prey would run. I wanted to enjoy the chase, after all what was the sport in killing an unmoving target. I was almost upon my feast when it finally got up the courage to run. Just for the fun of it, I let it run. Listened with excitement as it screamed for help; none came. I almost felt sorry for it, as its cries for help went unheard.
I then dropped to all fours and took off after my prey with unnatural speed. The whole experience was invigorating for me. All my senses were heightened from my sight and smell, to my strength and speed. I felt so powerful so alive. It was unlike anything I could have ever imagined.
Finally, I lunged at it and turned my dinner to face me. I wanted one last look before I ripped its throat out.  What I saw at that moment only horrified me. I’d been so blinded by my urge to kill that I never noticed. I’d been so consumed for that first taste of blood; I hadn’t even realized who it was, until now.  My urge to kill was too strong now. I couldn’t stop myself from killing it now if I wanted to.
All I could think of was the irony of it all. The victim I was so intent on killing, whose blood I wanted to taste. Whose fear I wanted to smell, was none other than Jason; my betrothed. I begged for forgiveness before I ripped his throat out and gorged myself on his blood. The taste of his blood was so intoxicating that I became drunk off of it. Drunk off of the blood of the man I loved.
I was both thrilled yet horrified at what I’d done. Yet at that moment all I felt was satisfaction. Unfortunately I’d gone this far and I couldn’t stop there I needed more. I placed my clawed hands over his chest and ripped his heart out. I sank my teeth into his once beating heart and fed on it. My thirst for blood finally satiated.
The human in me screamed in pain. Screamed for what I’d done. I no longer wanted to live. Jason had been my life, my world and I’d killed him. I cried out in pain, prayed for death. The human in me wanted to die, but the beast in me reveled in my pain.
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