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How Social Media can benefit not only a business, but also a customer/client.
In today’s world, Social Media has become a common term that most people understand what it is, what it does, and there have even been good & bad stories told about it. There are many different avenues of Social Media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Today, there is a good chance that most everyone has used, visited, or even frequents one, if not more, of these sites. There are many companies who have profiles on these sites, do a good portion of their marketing & business from these sites, and there are some businesses where customers/clients can leave comments, feedback, & testimonials. It is also a place where photos can be shown; whether it was of previous work done, events the company held or was a part of (especially if they’re active in the community &/or do fundraising), or even copies of credentials if necessary.

If you work for a company that uses a site like Facebook to post events, specials, information, or articles on, and have a page where others have posted compliments, testimonials, or feedback on, it can be a positive tool for future business. Depending on how you come across a prospective customer or client, you can refer them to your website or page to read the testimonials & feedback given before making a decision on whether to do business with you. Sometimes previous customers’ opinions & experiences can really help “win” a client over your competition that may not have the same thing. On top of that, you can also post photos of work done, events that you’ve held or been a part of, etc. It might be stretching the safety issues a little, but you can even post a copy of a State licensure if necessary to show your credentials & qualifications. On the other side of it, you have complete control over the content posted on your pages; whether it be derogatory remarks/comments, etc. At the same time, you don’t want to portray a “perfect” image; in other words, having a couple “not so bad” negative feedback posted may be a good thing because then you can use that as a foundation of improvement. These are ways in which social media can be a great asset for your company, as well as for the customer.

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