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I thought he was an atheist.

      I've noticed that celebrities get damned a lot.
      Especially, if they have a political soap box.
      Charlton Heston made epic films and that gave him a big soap box.
      I swear the NRA worship him, like Jews worship Moses.
      He was a successful actor, who was also a successful public speaker.
      That doesn't mean everything he advocated was correct or in line with
      the right wing moral majority.
      Charlton Heston was in favor of the civil rights movement and integration
      of schools and workplaces.
      Charlton Heston was also pro-choice for women with 1st term abortions.
      Isn't that better than having more welfare babies?

      His NRA position was simply that every American has a right to defend
      themselves with a gun and hunt with a rifle.
      I don't think he wanted Islamic gun clubs in Brooklyn, New York.
      Yes, there are Islamic gun clubs that have assault weapons.
      Is that a good thing?
      The question we should all ask ourselves is do you feel safe if your neighbor
      owns a machine gun?

      Ted Nugent has a class 3 license.
      That means he can own a cannon.
      Is Ted Nugent psychologically stable enough to fire a cannon?
      Did he take a psych exam?
      Ted Nugent has had a very checkered career.
      Can a felon own a cannon?

      Let's take a moment to ponder the teachings of Jesus.
      I can't find any scripture where Jesus advocated violence.
      Jesus is an advocate for passive resistance.
      Yet, the Reverends of the far right wing moral majority advocate
      membership in the NRA.

      Go ask Pat Robinson how he feels about the 2 Amendment and the NRA.
      If you follow the Bible literally, picking up sticks on Sabbath is punishable
      by death and damnation.
      Jesus instructed his followers to hold no grudges and give their money to
      the poor. How wealthy is Pat Robinson? He sure doesn't like communists.
      Here is a brain twist for Bible fundamentalist; why did Jesus go into Hell?
      If the judgement of God is just, then why would Jesus rescue the damned
      in Hell? They were damned, because they did not know Jesus.

      The inference from this Gospel moral is that only Christians can go to
      Heaven. But, what about all those male babies Herod executed, because
      of Jesus? Yes, the Wise Men told Herod that the Messiah had been born
      in Bethlehem and Herod ordered the massacre of all male babies in
      Bethlehem. Did God damn those innocent babies?
      Well, Jesus rescued them from Hell after his resurrection. I suppose.
      That seems like a contradiction in God's judgement.

      They were damned to Hell and then Jesus rescued them.
      Okay. I'm not a theologian.
      But, the term God in the dictionary means supreme omniscient being.
      If God knows who is good, why would God damn innocent babies?
      Jesus apparently disagreed with the All Father's judgement.
      But, I leave this quandary to Pat Robinson. He is an ordained minister.
      He said,  "The people Haiti are being punished for their Devil worship."
      I thought collective guilt was unjust, but the Bible preaches original sin.
      But, Deuteronomy 24:16 states, "The children shall not be punished
      for their father's sin."
      Adolf Hitler used the Bible to justify killing 6 million Jews, because
      they murdered God's only son. I don't  believe Jesus would approve.

      Maybe, Ted Nugent is possessed by a gun demon ?
      Maybe, Charlton Heston is in Hell for his atheism.
      Maybe, civilians shouldn't own cannons?
      Or maybe, the world is heading for Armageddon?
      If so, then we should own an arsenal for the coming anarchy.
      Does that sound safe? Go ask Glen Beck at his bunker.

      I liked Charlton Heston's movies.
      I hope he had a happy life.
      I have nothing concrete to say about Heaven or Hell.
      It is too speculative.



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