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Rated: 18+ · Serial · Erotica · #1927830
Feminist and Religious minded readers beware.

          "I know exactly what I'm doing." Professor Beard stated.
      He had a fellowship at the leading university in paranormal research.
      Terri Hatcher looked on nervously as her longtime confidant slipped
      into his virtual reality suite. They had studied together for a parapsychology
      degree. Peter had persevered and attained tenure at the university.
      Terri adjusted the temperature of the suite and looked over Angelina Julie's
      shoulder as they both disrobed before their close friend. Both Mrs Julie
      and Hatcher had studied REM with the professor, but had chosen a career
      in acting. A technician carefully adjusted the wavelengths in the suit.
          "Peter are you there?" Terri asked through a headset.
      Peter nodded yes and turned to view his two closest friends, having sex.
      Terri and Angie could not see his face through the tinted visor of his helmet.
      The professor could see every spectrum of light radiating from their bodies.
      His senses vibrated with accelerated photons. He could feel the fifth dimension,
      rising in his erection; the primal urge thrusting his consciousness past the barrier
      of reality. Peter was pulsating with orgasmic particles. He fell to his knees
      and then fell forward onto the floor of the lab.

            Terri and Angie ran to him and tugged at his helmet.
      "I've got a pulse." the technician said from his glass enclosed booth.
      Angie slowly removed the helmet with a hiss of vacuum release.
      The two naked actresses stepped back and beheld a giant penis where
      Professor Beard's head had been. The suite stood up and walked quickly
      toward the naked actress, who screamed as they beat on the vacuum seal
      lab room door. "Jesus! That's one big fucker!" Terri shouted.
      Angie was in the clutches of the dickhead space suite as the dickhead tried
      to kiss her. "Gross! It's cumming buckets all over my face!" the academy
      nominated actress garbled. Terri summoned her strength and pulled the dickhead
      back off of Angie's face.

          There was splatter everywhere. The technician said that he had called
      the campus security and was attempting to calm the dickhead with classical
      music. Angie used her karate skills to break free, but slipped on the cum
      soaked floor. The dickhead barreled between her legs, shoving her into a corner.
      But, it was too large to enter her mound, pounding her rapidly up into the corner.
      "Julie! I'm going to hit it with the fire extinguisher!" Terri shouted.
      The fire extinguisher spray distracted it and drove the dickhead between Terri's
      legs, raising her up on its shoulders.

                      "Fuck me! I think its going deeper!" Terri grimaced.

      Angelina Julie looked in horror as the dickhead was enveloped by Terri's
      pink folds. "That's not possible!" Julie gasped and grabbed hold of the space
      suit to yank it out. "A long cock sprang out of its crotch and impaled
      the Tomb Raider in her crotch. She dangled over the floor; her legs kicking.
      "This is a nightmare!" Terri groaned as the dickhead slid deeper into her ..
      The technician stated calmly that the campus security had arrived, but
      advised him not to open the vacuum sealed door. That would breach the
      containment protocols. Terri Hatcher cursed and threatened a lawsuit,
      and then succumb to the agony of the dickhead sliding up her uterus.
      Arks of cosmic energy emanated from the suit, instantly conceiving
      babies through progenesis.

                      "My babies! Save my babies!" Angelina Julie screamed.

                        "How many fucking babies do you want?!" Luci Liu shouted.

      Luci had arrived late and was on the intercom. Terri laughed, while gritting
      her teeth as the dickhead butted deeper inside her.

                        "Remember the REM word? You have to wake up Peter!"
                        Lucy Liu explained.

      They had a word that they all memorized to wake from deep meditation.
      Terri tried to speak, but could only grit her teeth.
      Angelina grasped the long cock with booth her hands and drove her nails

                        "Wu Ton!" Angelina shouted.

                        "Wu Ton!" Terri screamed.

                        "Wu Ton!" Lucy Liu repeated over the speaker.

      The cock in Angelina Julie shrunk as she collapsed to the floor.
      Peter's head had returned, but was stuck inside Terri Hatcher's hooch.
      He pushed with his hands against her butt as she kicked against the wall
      behind him and popped his head out. Angelina scrambled over the cum soaked
      floor to gather up her dozens of babies. "My babies. My Babies." she repeated,
      washing them with bottled water. Terri walked bowed legged away from Peter.
      "I'll never fuck again. I just pushed out a bowling ball." Terri stammered.
      Her vagina was a massive bloody hole. She fainted with a loud splat of the
      soggy floor. The seal on the lab opened and a hazmat suited crew entered.
      Terri was carried off on a gurney, while Peter and Angelina and their babies
      were washed up and taken to hospital for observation.

          Lucy Liu in a fit of lust gave the technician a hummer.
      "What's your name?" she queried. "I'm Muzzy. Thanks for the quickie .
      I thought my balls were going to explode." he sighed and played with her
      tiny breasts. "Sexual violence always makes me horny." Lucy giggled and
      offered her Asian salad. Muzzy lapped up her peach. "Jesus. Get a room!"
      The Dean scowled. "Well, I think our first experiment with sexual magic
      was successful." Muzzy answered the Dean as Lucy Liu lapped danced
      on his pogo stick.

      ^ ^

      Reflections: Sometimes a vacuum can take you places you've never
                        dreamt of.

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