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A list and relevant description of the religions in the World of Argor
Holy Matrimonius          (primary religion of the Roman Empire)

A religion of two deities, the Holy Mother Roma and the Holy Father Marius. Mother Roma is the patron of what is classically defined as female or motherly while Father Marius is the patron of what is classicaly defined as male or fatherly. Followers are known as Matrimonians.

Father Marius

War and everything involved
Smithing and manufacturing
The role of the father, husband, and brother
Strength of muscle
The legionnaire at war
Justice, retribution, the idea of protectiveness or guarding

Mother Roma

The family and everything involved
Art and crafting
The role of the mother, wife, and sister
Temperance and patience
The legionnaire returning home
Healing, rest, the idea of gentle care and nurturing

One of the most important ideas is balance. Roma and Marius need each other and recognize that they temper and mediate each other from excess. Sometimes the harsh hand is needed, other times the gentle hand. One may be a preferred patron, but all faithful need both.


A pantheon of their children. Some specifically identify to Marius or Roma. They each specialize in a specific aspect to help oversee it.

The Church of the Creator          (primary religion of Gothica)

Belief in the being known simply “The Creator”. He demands absolute faith, loyalty, and worship. Belief that all humans owe hima  debt for their existence and must work to repay him. Afterlife is working for him on the world or having your soul snuffed out. Very morbid sense of absolutionism. Skull and bone motifs are prevalent. Still understanding of human failings. The Creator seen as the only true light in the darkness that is human life. Followers known as Creationists.

The Circle of Gravear          (primary religion of Germania)

The worship of Gravear, a two headed worlf deity. One head is the peaceful animal of nature, the other is nature’s angry wrath. He takes the form of a wolf showing protectiveness, fierce nature, grace, strength, stealth, and cunning. Strong use of circle motifs. Showing things do not end. Also belief that a perfect circle can only occur in nature. Very druidic in nature. However believe that humanity is the top of the chain. Also given the ability to create society and industry for a reason, so long as balance is kept with nature. So long as nature is respected and protected.

Hispanic Belief

Observed as a happy, almost jovial agnosticism. They believe in the same higher being as each other but have no real church. They do have leaders similar to religious positions; although they enforce basic, defined as god, morality. Very accepting of others believing differently.

Carthognian States

Very varied religions. Usually steeped in blood shed, darkness, dark arts, and debauchery.

The Easterners

The Dragon Emperor is the last of his kind (think Chinese dragon). The people believe he is a supreme being made flesh and they must worship and serve him.
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