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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #1929720
The rare Crystal Night Flower was a treat indeed.
Hal observed from the mouth of the cave. Eight wind-blown guests stepped off the helicopter as the blades wound to a halt. The crisp mountain air played with his silver curls. Dressed in a three piece suit he moved forward and waved a welcoming hand.


The guests assembled neatly in a tight group as their looks ranged from excitement to fear.

“One million dollars each to see the famed Crystal Night flower -- One of the rarest plants on Earth. You will get to witness two of them. Growing only in caves of the Himalayas, this flower is one of the most beautiful.”

The guests stirred and murmured among themselves.

Hal and guards with mini uzis hanging from their belts led the way inside the cave.

They paraded down lighted paths to an observation platform where a sheet covered presumably the rare plants under bubbled glass.

Hal paused with grandeur letting his guests settle. “Without further ado.” He snatched the sheet from the glass and two stunning flowers with a mix of purple, reds, and whites were revealed. The eight guests ‘Oohed’ at the sight. One woman slipped a camera from her pocket.

“No pictures please. The cave-dwelling flowers are very sensitive to light, sound and touch. Remember your contracts state these restrictions.”

She placed the device back in her pocket.

Each guest closely observed the flowers under the bubble.

“Why can’t we remove the bubble?” said one man.

“I’m am sorry. The lighting must be just right and the conditions controlled.”

“Amazing.” The eldest woman stated.

The group filed out to the helicopter and, after a round of questions, took flight. Hal waved from the cave mouth.

Hal turned to one guard. “We need more oil on those leaves. Those plastic petals almost looked like it.”

299 Words
Flash Story
Limited to 300 Words
Must contain the words: curl, bubble, crystal
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1929720-Crystal-Night-Flower-1st-Place