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A story about a poker game. Same events are shown through different perspectives.
"Welcome back mesdames and monsieurs, we are about to resume. We are down to three players. Monsieur Henry Dolos has accumulated 2.5 million dollars thus far placing him in second behind Monsieur Arthur Zeus, who is our current leader with 4 million dollars. Monsieur Michael Fortuna sits in third having accumulated 1 million dollars. The big blind is now one hundred thousand dollars and the little blind is fifty thousand dollars.  Good luck Gentleman."

         Ha! Good luck, he says. That bastard with the vest doesn't give a damn if I win or lose. He might have tricked those other fools into thinking he was sincere but you can't deceive The Deceiver.  The Vested Bastard, what a prick. As long as he gets his little check at the end of the day, he'd be happy. He has a right to be, he is guaranteed money. I on the other hand, have much more at stake. The clicking of chips fill the room as the blinds are tossed out. The crack of cards echo from the domes of The Vested Bastard's hands. Pocket rockets. C'mon, pocket rockets, pocket rockets, pocket rockets. Please, please, please. Ok, deep breath, harden face, here we go.  Shit! I hate that Vested Bastard. Seven spades and two diamonds. Good luck. If he really meant it, why didn't he give me better cards.

         Why did he say good luck? Was he joking? The Jester must be entertaining The King. He knows I don't need luck. God knows that I don't need luck. Everybody knows I don't need luck. Well I guess the others need it. Yes, that must be why The Jester said it. Wait, what am I saying? It won't make a difference. They were doomed from the start. I'm The King and I have more treasure then the other two subjects combined. Ok, here we go. Get your game face on. The clicking of chips fill the room as the blinds are tossed out. The crack of cards echo from the domes of The Jester's hands. Alright, show me the good ones, show me the good ones, money makers, money makers, money makers. Thats an order! Yup, The King's word is law, I'm in business. Queen and jack of clubs. I can work with that. Good luck. If his wish was sincere, he clearly doesn't know me.

         Good luck. Such a naive child. But still, it's good to see someone who enjoys what they do. Standing there watching everybody's move. In the real world, he may be naive, but I would bet he must have a great understanding of the game. Why isn't he playing? He clearly knows more then me. Why am I even here? If we were playing Go Fish then I'd maybe understand. I'd be The Fluke. That at least has context. Well, I guess it is what it is. The clicking of chips fill the room as the blinds are tossed out. The crack of cards echo from the domes of The Naive Child's hands. Better focus. Ok boy, stop being all fancy and just give me my damn cards. Hurry up I want to get home. Finally! Ok, jack of hearts and queen of hearts. I guess that was kind of lucky. Maybe The Naive Child knows what he's doing.

         "Monsieur Dolos, ten to call. Very good. Monsieur Zeus, you are the small blind, five to call. Very good. Monsieur Fortuna, its to you. Check is called, now the flop."

         Burn, flip, flip, flip.

"Ten of clubs, ace of clubs and ace of hearts. Monsieur Dolos, its to you."

         Fuck! That vested bastard can't do anything right. Let's see. Flush is out of the question. A strait isn't happening. Uh, theres a high pair on the board. I literally have nothing. Gotta shoot for pairs I guess. I've already put in ten. Thats probably more that what that vested bastard makes in a month. Too much is already at risk. If I check, they know I don't have anything high. They kind of look like fools. Nows my time. The Deceiver is ready to work his magic. Quick scare will make em' scatter. Lets see if Michael over there has some balls.

         "Monsieur Dolos bets one million. One million to call. Monsieur Zeus"

         Oh boy, I'm really feeling it tonight. This hand might as well be mine. Henry thinks he's got me. Ha! He might as well pack up and go home. Let's see. Any club for a flush. Need a king for a straight. And uh. Damn! I never had a chance like this before. Need one card for a royal flush. That would be a first.  And I have two cards to do it! How fitting. It needs to be a king. This ones in the bag. Henry won't back out at this point. He already put to much in. I know him too well. A professional liar. I still wanna draw Michael in from over there. Don't want to scare him off. The king wouldn't mind an extra million to add to his treasure.

         "Monsieur Zeus calls. Pot is now two million three hundred thousand American dollars. Monsieur Fortuna, it is to you." 

         Eh. Not bad. Low chances but a chance non the less. Need two hearts for a flush. Need a king and queen  for a straight. I know their trying to scare me off. Thats what I get for being in last I guess. What am I saying? I'm lucky to be here. I'm the fluke. I'm the fluke. I'm too nervous. No, not nervous, impatient, yes thats the word. These guys take too long. Playing out every scenario, watching my every move. Who gives a shit! Its not going to change the cards in their hands. Whatever. The nice boy said "Good luck gentleman". Lets see if he knows what he is talking about.

         "Monsieur Fortuna calls. He is all in. Ok, now the turn."

         Burn, flip.

         "Queen of hearts. Monsieur Dolos, its to you."

         Oh crap! Ok, they called me. Damn, I still have nothing. Apart from the aces on the board, not even a freakin pair! I think I'm approaching my demise. However, Arthur did take a quick glance down to the left. He is deliberately trying to avoid making eye contact. Rookie mistake. What a shame! Such an armature. I can tell he is worried. He only called me because he still has some wiggle room. Three million dollars worth of wiggle room to be exact. Know what. If this doesn't scare him off, I don't know what will.

         "Monsieur Dolos bets one million, four hundred and ninety thousand dollars. He is all in. Monsieur Zeus, it is to you."

         Wow. A nice pair of queens for The King! I have my safety net. And what do you know, everything is still in play! The King has some options. Poor Henry over there. Professional liars don't do well in my kingdom. He's trying to scare me off. The King never backs down. I'm insulted that he'd even try to scare me off. Whatever. More coin for The King. This hand is mine. There is still Michael overt here. I want to end this now. I'll act hesitant. Michael seems pretty clueless. Eh. He knows he lost. The King is one card away from  six million, two hundred eighty thousand dollars. 

         "Monsieur Zeus calls.  The main pot is now three million, three hundred thousand dollars. The side pot is now two million, nine hundred eighty thousand American dollars."

         I wish I had more money. I want this to be exciting. But then again, I wouldn't mind being home right now. I think Deadliest Catch is on now. Im out of the big pot. I can still make over three million. I'd be happy with that. Um, uh, ok, let's see. Need a heart for a flush. Need a king for a straight. Need a king of hearts for a straight flush. No, wait. That would be a royal flush! Like that will ever happen. Kind of ironic. Need a suicide king for an unbeatable hand. I guess that would be a real fluke.

         "Monsieur Fortuna is currently all in. And now, the river.

         Burn, flip.

         "King of hearts. Monsieur Dolos, please reveal your cards."

         This is embarrassing. Now I just look stupid. Shit. Fuck you Arthur. Fuck you Michael.

         "Well played gentlemen. You got me. I got nothing"

         "Monsiuer Dolos has a pair of aces with a seven kicker. Monsieur Zeus, please reveal your cards."

         Well, ace high straight. That should win it. Ha! I can't believe these guys thought they could beat The King! They don't even deserve to be here. Non of them even put up a fight! Pitiful.

         "Gents. First off I would like to say it was excellent playing with all of you. Unfortunately, your efforts were in vein. I have an ace high straight. You put up a good fight and I admire your ability. I guess the cards just went my way today!"

         "Monsieur Zeus has an ace high straight. Monsieur Fortuna, please reveal your cards."

         Holy shit.

         "Holy shit!"

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