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Spiritual development.. I think, therefore, I am!

      I peeked into Kittiara's bio and found a curious birth date.
  She was born on March 18th, but in no particular year.  Hmmmm.
  Is this female vanity? Or perhaps, there is a mystery here?
  There in lies the thrust of my outline on Kittiara. On a side note,
  I have two cats a tom ~ RUSTY and a tabby ~ PATCHES.
  I understand her need to rub pussies.

      Let us begin with the spirit. What is it?  The human brain has been
  mapped. If a certain part is damaged, then there can be a radical change
  in that individual's personality. There are also cases of people living with only half
  of their brain. Can we say that the brain is the source of our spirit?
  I think so.

    Life's choices can, then, be explained in terms of brain health and
  social conditions. It becomes a physical experiment. Spiritualist will object
  to such a materialist approach. It is wondrous how spiritualist can still argue
  that the spirit is not connected to the brain. That the spirit lives on after the
  brain is dead, cannot be proven under scientific conditions. However, there
  are stories about resurrections and ghosts and out of body experiences.
  These are just stories.

      Let me extrapolate. ~  Muzzy's epiphany with Kittiara ~

      It is a lovely spring day somewhere. And Muzzy and Kittiara are having
      tuna sandwiches and pretzels on a checkered picnic blanket on sweet
      freshly cut grass. Muzzy smiles at Kittiara and they exchange a kiss.
      Suddenly, a radiant cloud forms over their picnic.
      The image of the Madonna is in the cloud(not the material girl).
      Kittiara, being a devout Hindu, falls on the picnic blanket in prostrate prayer.
      "Oh, glorious Sheva!" she chants.
      Muzzy, being raised a Boston Irish Catholic, but now a skeptic asks,

                                  "Are you Jesus' mothah?"

      The image vanishes.

      Muzzy goes to the hospital for a MRI.

      Kattiara devotes her life to the Goddess Sheva.

      The two witnesses have entirely different testimony.

            Spirituality is subjective. Yes, we make choices. But those choices
            are based on our prejudice and whether or not we are sane.

            I still can't wrap my brain around Jesus going into Hell to save
            souls in HELL.(?) 

    I hope I haven't offended anyone, especially Kittiara, who has a cute pic.
    I saw it and thought "Awwwwww cutie Kitty."

    Just my two cents for the ferry man.+

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